Simple Ways to Get Rid of Acne

Simple Ways to Get Rid of Acne
Dermatologists are divided by simple home remedies for acne.Save on expensive drugs using these recipes.

1. Aspirin

Salicylic acid, which is the main ingredient of many remedies for acne, is contained in all the familiar aspirin.Dermatologists advise
crush tablet, add a few drops of water and mix to a thick paste.The composition was applied to the spot appeared at 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

2. Tea Tree Oil

This inexpensive tool that is in every pharmacy, soft natural antiseptic and protivovvospalitelnoe means.
Soak a cotton pad in the oil, place it on the site of inflammation, and leave for a few hours or even overnight, gluing tape.

3. Ice

Just as ice helps relieve swelling when you sprained foot, he acts on the acne.Wrap a piece of ice in a towel and apply to the skin in the right place.Cold causes vessels to contract, removing redness and swelling.

4. Apple cider vinegar

Dilute one part vinegar to three or four parts water.Soak in the resulting solution, a cotton pad and wi

pe his face.
you get light chemical peel and at the same time get rid of the bacteria on the skin surface.The citric acid found in vinegar, is part of many remedies for acne.

5. Lemon juice

addition of citric acid itself, of which we already know, in lemon juice also contains ascorbic acid - a natural antioxidant.Squeeze a little lemon juice, soak them cotton pad, wipe the site of inflammation in the skin and without washing at night.

6. Garlic

Due to the content of allicin, garlic has antibacterial and antiseptic properties.Make a paste of crushed garlic and water, apply directly on the pimples and wash off after five minutes of warm water.

7. Egg white

substances contained in the egg whites, then help pull out the excess fat, preventing inflammation and pimples.In addition, the skin is tightened, narrowing the pores.
Whisk egg white, put on the face, except the eye area.Wait 10-15 minutes until dry and rinse with warm water.

8. Honey

mask of honey can be applied as soon as the appearance of acne on the place and on the whole face.Only it is desirable to use raw, organic honey, that he has the greatest antiseptic properties.Find this honey can be in specialized stores bee products or markets.

9. Soda

To get rid of acne, make a simple mask of ordinary baking soda.To do this, a paste of three parts to one part of soda boiled water.Apply the product for five minutes at the site of inflammation, and rinse with warm water.Soda deep clean and remove grease, zabivayuschy pores - cause acne.In addition, it has a soft exfoliating.

10. Banana peel

surprisingly useful in getting rid of acne can be a banana skin.Gently rub the inside of the site of inflammation, soft part of the skin for a few minutes, then wash your face.

11. Raw potatoes

potatoes when applied topically has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect and brightens areas affected by acne.
Experts recommend cutting off a few pieces of potato and rub their face for a few minutes, then wash as usual.

12. Cucumber

Many people know that a slice of cucumber can be put on the eyelids to relieve swelling.But it has a similar effect on inflamed due to acne skin.This mask moisturizes, cools the skin and relieves discomfort.

13. Orange peel

Large amounts of vitamin C, a natural antioxidant, can be used orange and cosmetic purposes.Chop the zest and put a mask on your face.Wash off after 10 minutes.

14. Toothpaste

small amount of toothpaste can be applied in place of acne to dry skin, reduce inflammation and redness.Suitable each paste is not, and only pure white, with no additives.Such a standard toothpaste contains baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, which helps in this case to deal with acne.

15. Eye drops

drops that remove redness of the eye (eg Visine), just remove the redness and inflammation of the skin.The best way to use next.Dampen a few drops of cotton ROM drive and store them in the freezer, with the appearance of acne, wipe the skin at the site of inflammation that disk.

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