Stuttering in adults : how to treat

Stuttering in adults : how to treat
One of the biggest problems for adults when dealing logoneurosis is, in a simple way - stuttering.Logoneurosis reasons may be diverse, to the end they have not yet been studied, and therefore in the treatment of stuttering are still many difficulties.

stuttering is called violation of smoothness and the rate of speech, inarticulate words or sounds, with the advent of forced pauses in speech and difficulty in human conversation.Impaired speech science is speech therapy, in close cooperation with neurology and psychiatry.

Mechanisms of logoneurosis associated with spasmodic contractions of certain organs speech production apparatus - palate, tongue, lips, or respiratory muscles.

In adults, it occurs infrequently, mainly as stretching from childhood problem, or as a consequence of various kinds of diseases.The reason is the excessive excitement logoneurosis special speech area - Broca's center in the cerebral cortex.

This center is responsible for the coordinated work of muscles of the face, tongue an

d throat, and other bodies that are responsible for the development of coherent speech.pulse propagation in the adjacent parts of the brain resulting in convulsions and respiratory articulation muscles.It may look like grimaces or tics, occurs against a background of stress, emotions or emotional turmoil.

Stuttering can be of several types:

  • tonic with the repetition of vowel sounds and sonorous consonants, as well as the formation of forced pauses between spoken words;
  • clonic repetition of consonants or syllables of individual words;
  • mixed variants.

may be neurotic or nerozopodobnye types of stuttering, the first form is treated more easily, as there is on the background of stress, and the second is associated with organic brain lesions.It is difficult to give in therapy and does not depend on a person's emotional state.

Methods of diagnosis of stuttering

often delay the pronunciation of words in sentences or the proposals themselves is quite normal and depends on the conversation characteristics and temperament.It is therefore important to conduct tests from experts and determine whether it is stuttering.

If the number of breaks between words does not exceed 7%, it is the norm, more than 10% of said speech pathology.Delays between words in stutterers can range from one second up to half a minute, and be accompanied by a noticeable tension of the facial muscles.But sometimes it is very small for a correct diagnosis, and you must also conduct EEG and many other tests.

It is also important to distinguish between types of logoneurosis - neurosis (stress) and neurotic (organic).The diagnosis and the development of appropriate treatment - is the destiny of a specialist at internal consultation and inspection, should not engage in self-diagnosis and the more self-medicate.

Why stuttering occurs in adults

Adults who stutter much less children, but still like speech defects occur.The reasons for such speech defects in adults not so much as children, but they are very similar to children: a lot of stress or emotional turmoil provoke neurotic form of stuttering.This stuttering is detected by fears and anxieties, feelings during speeches in public.

logoneurosis Such forms may occur temporarily on the background of a shock, but then passed.But there may be more complicated cases with fixing stuttering accession seizures in the speech organs and nervous ticks.

addition may lead to problems with stuttering conduct impulses in the brain of an organic nature - with brain tumors, stroke, head trauma or infections of the nervous system.

With such a pronounced logoneurosis spasms of the vocal apparatus, and respiratory muscles, people can carry out in parallel with stuttering perebiraniya fingers, nodding his head and rocking body, and the emotions on the strength of stuttering is not affected.This form of stuttering is difficult to treat, as it is necessary to eliminate the root cause, and organics treated extremely difficult.

How and where to treat stuttering

If there are problems with speech should immediately contact the specialists, trying to get rid of stuttering self can only delay the beginning of treatment and make the problem worse.

Treatment requires complete the work of several specialists and the patient.First of all, we need to consult a neurologist with the identification of the causes and the main components of stuttering.This treatment is complex, involving a psychiatrist, who together with the neurologist may prescribe medication.

may also need a therapist, and that can be used in the treatment of not only drugs, but also such therapies as auditory training, hypnosis and therapy sessions.

main problems the patient's speech will deal with a speech therapist who will help stutterers in addressing a speech.The specialist will teach the person managing your breathing muscles and articulation, rhythmic and smooth conversation, explaining that the word can be pronounced with ease and peace of mind.

logoneurosis In the treatment can also help, and acupuncture, which with the help of special techniques activates specific brain biologically active points, helping to relieve tension and improve blood circulation of the brain.

Useful classes will exercise therapy with a personal instructor.This integrated approach will help in the treatment and the complete elimination of stuttering.

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