Why is it important to get rid of warts

Why is it important to get rid of warts
While warts owners experiencing discomfort for others they are a source of infection, as warts - HPV is a hotbed of proliferation.Is not that serious enough reason to get rid of this unpleasant defect in the skin?

shame, loss of confidence in its appeal, discomfort - whatever the experiences and feelings of those who has a wart, many continue to regard this attack as his personal affair.But it is not so ...

According to the study, which was attended by 3947 people, every third faces this problem personally or through family members and friends *!

Indeed, warts are harmless and does not require removal.The appearance of warts indicates that the body has intensified human papilloma virus, or as it is called, HPV.

HPV is widespread and easily transmitted by direct contact with the skin warts carrier or contact with objects of his personal hygiene.That means a high chance of contracting HPV families and friends of those who are in no hurry to get rid of warts.

HPV: the virus trick

HPV - a widespread virus, which has more than 100 types, and only 4 of them cause warts on the skin.

As a rule, the presence of HPV, many carriers are unaware.While health condition is stable, the virus does not currently states, but should weaken immunity against the background of stress, disease, beriberi, the virus is activated.

Thus from the time of infection until the wart can take from a week to several months.

for yourself and loved ones: get rid of warts

Perhaps someone still enjoys people's recipes - cauterize warts with vinegar and garlic, that in the best case does not change the situation, and at worst - leads to the development of the inflammatory response in the form ofcontact dermatitis, or scarring of the skin, which entails additional expenditure on tangible appeal to doctors.But is it worth to save when it comes to beauty and health?

In pharmacies you can buy today means for the removal of warts at home, for example VARTNER® funds.

Handle Applicator VARTNER® destroys tissue warts using a thick gel-TCA (trichloroacetic acid).The advantage of this form can be named that the applicator handle and allows accurate dosing of applying directly to the wart and thick gel does not spread and does not injure the healthy skin.

Within four days the use of TCA gel tissue warts begin to gradually die off, and during the first week of application appears visible result.

is important to note that large warts that are found on the body for over a year, may require repeated removal tool.Repeated removal can be carried out means already 4 days after the last application of TCA gel VARTNER ® .Strict adherence to the instructions for use instructions ensures the successful removal of warts.

Action means VARTNER® Cryo based on the method of cryotherapy.The tool instantly freezes the wart to the ground with the help of the refrigerant at the same time destroying the human papilloma virus.

Thanks to Dot and the deep impact of the VARTNER® Cryo often enough once cryoprocedure.But if the wart has existed for a long time, you may need to re-freeze, which is recommended for 14 days after the first application.However, it is not difficult, because the packing 12 applications designed VARTNER® Cryo.

How to use the funds VARTNER®

before using the pen applicator VARTNER® must be shaken well to a thick gel went down to the tip.

Then grasp the knurled cap on the top of the applicator and make as full turns in a clockwise direction until the first drop of TCA gel in a transparent stick applicator.The means must be applied to the wart twice a day, morning and evening for 4 days.

In the case of VARTNER® Cryo need to strictly adhere to the time intervals specified in the instructions:

  • 3 seconds - the saturation of the disposable applicator refrigerant;
  • 20 seconds - waiting for further lowering the temperature of the applicator, which increases the effectiveness of funds;
  • 20 seconds - a freeze on their hands, 40 seconds - on the feet.

Getting rid of warts, you do not just care about their health and beauty.You are saving the health of their loved ones.Fortunately, with modern means so easy!

* According to a quantitative study of the agency «InDepth», 2012. The respondents - Internet users aged 16+.

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