Are you threatening stroke

Are you threatening stroke
According to statistics, about a third of stroke die within three years thereafter.And do not think that a stroke only threatened elderly.In recent years, this disease is much younger.

If you are a male between the ages of 30 and 49 years, smoke, drink alcohol, you have a sedentary job, and a lot of stress, you - at risk.You threatened stroke.

If you are female, and many years of taking birth control pills if you are overweight or diabetes, you are also at risk.According to recent studies, hormonal contraceptives are largely alter blood clotting and thereby increase the risk of stroke up to nine times.

Women who have not yet reached menopause, to some extent safeguard against stroke their own female hormones and more stable than that of men (on average), the nervous system.But after the age of fifty years, the risk of stroke in men and women is about the same.

stroke can escape on foot

Stroke most commonly occurs on the background of hypertensive crisis.This is a very unpleasant condition may cat

ch a person off guard anywhere: excruciating headache due to a sharp rise in blood pressure, tremors in the limbs, feeling of cold, fear of imminent death, nausea and sometimes vomiting.

Hypertensive crisis occurs in those who suffer from hypertension.Hypertension (high blood pressure) has called the disease of the century.

To some extent the fact that around the world a growing number of young people with hypertension, blame technological progress exponentially.

We increasingly spend all the working and leisure time at the computer or watching television.But the simplest and even pleasant prevention of hypertensive crises and strokes - a daily hour walk.

Moderate exercise, without undue physical exertion, which are also harmful high blood pressure, stroke, able to push back the age of the time, even for those who are predisposed to it.

Less salt, more vegetables!

Japanese cuisine is considered one of the healthiest in the world due to its low calorie content and the abundance of seafood.However, in Japan traditionally deficit vegetables.Rare use of vegetables in the food significantly increases the risk of stroke, doctors have proven Japanese.

increases the risk of stroke and diabetes, because it leads to gradual changes in the walls of blood vessels and increased blood clotting.


Measure your risk of stroke

danger may be the most common table salt.People who prefer to strongly salty, spicy and fatty foods, strokes are much more often.It's simple: salt retains fluid outflow from the body and thereby increases blood pressure.

So if you have recently had a hypertensive crisis, it is not necessary to lean on herring.

Obesity - another risk factor.Obese people are generally more likely to suffer from life-threatening chronic diseases, and even high blood pressure is diagnosed every obese.Only one way out - to monitor their weight, walk more, eat rationally.

Lovers of coffee and alcohol chances of earning a stroke also increased.And if to this is added and smoking, the risk of stroke increases several times.

Another civilization disease - cervical osteochondrosis - also contributes to the development of hypertension and strokes.Here the output can be a regular, preferably two times a year, preventive visits to the massage room, neck massage and physiotherapy exercises recommended by a doctor for the cervical spine.

With each passing decade, the risk of stroke is increased seven times.In old age, stroke, bring not only hypertension, but also high cholesterol and atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels.

Disclaimer doctor prescribed drugs that reduce blood pressure, or irregular reception by themselves can cause hypertensive crisis.

Daily walks in the fresh air, frequent field trips, swimming, a diet rich in vegetables - that's a recipe long life without stroke and hypertensive crises.

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