Contact lenses : safety rules

Contact lenses : safety rules
Ease of contact lenses is undeniable: in contrast to the points they do not put pressure on the nose, do not interfere with sports and even allow fashionistas to change eye color as desired.But if not handled with lenses can earn conjunctivitis, dry eye syndrome, and even fungal corneal damage.What you should know about contact lenses?

on the lens can not save

not "assign" his contact lenses themselves.Just as glasses, contact lenses must be recommended by a doctor.

uncompensated glaucoma, strabismus, lens subluxation, decrease the production of tears, and sebaceous material - all this and something else is a contraindication to wear contact lenses.So do not be lazy and go to a paid consultation to an ophthalmologist, measure the thickness of the cornea and consult exactly what lenses will suit you if you do, you can wear them.

Many trying to save for a special solution for contact lenses, try to rinse them with plain water.This is mistake.Habitual inhabitant acanthameba clean water, for example,

the stomach is harmless, but in contact with the eyes may cause corneal damage.Therefore, not only the lens can not be washed with water, but do not even wear them with wet hands.

solution for the lenses should be changed regularly, depending on the package indicated shelf life.In any case, the solution is cheaper than treating the eye with possible complications.Do not leave the bottle or container with a solution for the lenses open as air rushes in a huge number of microorganisms able to harm the eyes.

his lifetime and have the lenses themselves.Then they need to be disposed of without regret.Since going to the clouded lens is not only uncomfortable, but also very harmful to the eye.

Even if you bought the lens, which can sleep (currently there are), it is better not to do so.Because due to the deficiency of oxygen in the capillaries of the eyes gradually expanded to become visible, and you will go with red eyes.

Wear lenses can only clean hands.And best of all - to buy a special pair of tweezers, keep it clean and do not climb your hands in your eyes.

When wearing lenses harmful

Any inflammatory disease, even the common cold, it is a time when the lenses should not be worn.

When allergies cause irritation of the eyes, with blepharitis, conjunctivitis, demodicosis, in short, for any uncomfortable state of lens wear is to take time off, to avoid the risk of possible complications.

can not swim in the lenses.Why - I mentioned above: in order to avoid hitting the simplest and various types of fungi under the lens.

in lenses can not go to the hairdresser and get a haircut: hair caught under the lens, can cause irritation and even conjunctivitis.

Do not wear lenses longer than the period stated on the package.If you experience eye fatigue from the lenses fog before the eyes or foreign body sensation in eyes, immediately remove the lenses and rinse the eyes.

Today on sale there are many types of lenses with different wearing periods.But even modern lens with good gas permeability is in the evening to take to give rest your eyes.

And with dry eye syndrome it is necessary to use artificial tears to avoid irritation and redness of the eyes.

to cosmetic lenses to change the color of the iris all the above applies in full.

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