A cesarean section or natural childbirth : it is better

A cesarean section or natural childbirth : it is better
Every woman is a little afraid at first birth.Possible pain, tears and other troubles - can all push it away from the decision to give birth to themselves.Moreover, there seems to be a simple solution - Caesarean section.But how it will affect the baby's health?We propose to consider what is better: a caesarean or vaginal delivery.

The West has long been a young mom choose a caesarean.In Russia, the doctors say that it is better natural childbirth and caesarean made only in extreme cases when there are medical indications.

As a way of birth affects the child

choosing cesarean, a woman in the first place thinking about the health of her baby, and more specifically - the fact that during the delivery he choked.In fact, if the doctors do not see this danger, it can be quite relaxed about it.Moms who think that it is better - a caesarean or vaginal delivery should be aware of: children born with the help of surgery have a higher risk of respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases.

thing is that passing

through the birth canal, the baby receives all the necessary for the protection of microorganisms.These beneficial bacteria colonize the baby in the intestine, protecting against many viruses already in the first minutes of life.Babies born by cesarean are usually lag behind their peers in the development of blood pressure, metabolic and hormonal parameters for a week, maybe more.

As a way of birth affects the mother

When a woman thinks of a better way of birth (caesarean or vaginal delivery), it is often forgotten that a cesarean section - it is still a serious operation.Sore joints, inability to raise their own newborn baby for some time, the threat of intestinal infection - this is not a complete list of consequences of caesarean section.

indications for cesarean

We have found that a healthy woman does not even have to think about which is better - a caesarean or vaginal delivery.But there are a number of contraindications, when natural childbirth can threaten a child's life, and the life of my mother.

  1. Very narrow the mother's pelvis.
  2. The possibility of uterine rupture (a problem often arises in the birth of a second child if the first was born by caesarean).
  3. Placental abruption ahead of time.
  4. Any disease in which a large load on the body can be deadly: cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, etc.
  5. Chronic genital tract disease, when there is a probability of infection of the child at birth..
  6. lack of oxygen to the baby.

Before you decide what to choose: a cesarean or vaginal birth, it is better to consult with several doctors.They should carefully consider the health of the expectant mother and in accordance with that give valuable tips for choosing the appropriate method of birth.No need to rely on their intuition, and advice have held mummies, because everyone has their own opinion about what is best: cesarean section or natural childbirth.

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