Interesting facts about dreams

Interesting facts about dreams
Dreams - one of the most exciting adventures that people experience every day of their lives.Interestingly, in ancient Rome, the dream of important government officials were trying to dismantle in the Senate, believing that these visions were a message from the gods themselves.We have compiled the most interesting facts about dreams that you have not known.

facts about dreams: our brain surprises

matter how sad it may be, but most of the dreams painted in negative emotional color.More often than not we are in a dream anxiety, sadness and fear.

But it is worth noting that we remember only 10% of what he saw in a dream.In the first 5 minutes after waking up, we still have an opportunity to recreate all the events, but after 10 minutes we forget 90% of the total content.Perhaps in this way the brain is trying to protect themselves from unwanted feelings.

early in the second trimester of pregnancy, the developing fetus is able to dream.This is because the human brain is already operating at this time,

based on the biological model space and time.Habitual sleep cycles occur in the child later.

Fun fact about dreams

in time to see it is impossible to sleep snoring!

Blind from birth also have dreams, but experience it through images, recreated with the help of the sense of smell, hearing, taste and tactile sensations.

Did you know that we only see the real people in our dreams?

turns out that our brain remembers the face of every person we have ever seen in my life.At the same time we remember and a passerby, and actor from the crowd in a small episode, the movie is viewed.In just one day, we can see a few thousand people, so our minds have to choose from.

During the night we can see from the 4 to 7 dreams, and they usually last from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Almost all people have dreams every night.And he who says that dreams never seen likely to suffer from mental illness.

facts about dreams: Night adventure

Scientists have shown that animals, too, are able to dream at night.According to the evolutionary point of view, the dream is the last stage of development, which are people and many mammals and birds.This thought process in animals in his sleep after a drawing is not very different from ours.It follows from this that the animals are able to see at least the emotional dreams than men.

And here is an interesting fact about dreams for those who struggle with such bad habit, like smoking, those who quit smoking see much more vivid dreams than those who still smoked or never tried.

Despite the interpretation of dreams, predicting disease, only hint at their possible development may actually dreaming.So, for example, if the dream of a dream once the disease, this does not mean that you are sick.But if the dream is repeated many times, it carries with it a very unpleasant emotions and easily remembered - there is a reason to get worried.

Men interact in a dream and see the most part it is men, while the women in their dreams they see equally to both men and women.


Approximately 70% of people have ever seen prophetic dreams.At the same time they believe in their existence in virtually every corner of our land.

advise not to sleep in a cold room - it is likely that the dream, if you walk barefoot in the hills of Siberia.Scientists have long shown that external factors can strongly influence the plot of the dream.

Have you ever experienced an orgasm in a dream?You do not believe that this is possible?And studies have shown that it is possible not only excited, but also to experience a full orgasm, even without the necessary impact on the sexual organs in a dream.We can say that orgazmiruet our brains in such a dream!

These are the facts about dreams will help you better understand not only their own body, but also to get rid of many prejudices about dreams.Enjoy your dreams and good rest!

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