Blue Gascony Basset : hunter with a great flair

Blue Gascony Basset : hunter with a great flair
Blue Gascony Basset - unpretentious companion with touchy character.

Blue Gascony Basset - one of the old French hunting breeds.It is most often found among the blue Gascon breeds, he has a good instinct and melodic voice.Ideal for Norn hunting.

Blue Gascony Basset Breed Story

breed was mentioned for the first time at the end of the XIX century: in only whelp a litter-sentonzhskoy Gascon hound were individuals with short legs.Most likely it was the result of a secret meeting with her that someone from the other branch Bassett, or perhaps there was a genetic mutation - no one knows.

Later it was purposefully bred breeders Alain Bourbon, but it did not last long, and more than fifty years of her no one remembered.The aim of recreating the French breeders breed only set in 1968.The process required considerable effort and time before the result of cross-breeding with a small Gascon hound can be regarded as successful.

Blue Basset enjoyed great success at home and actively bred abroad.The breed is re

cognized by the FCI club.

Blue Gascony Basset: appearance

Blue Gascony Basset - a large hound with a fairly long back.The coat is short and very dense.Color complicated: on a white background mostly black spots with small notes, which makes wool a blue hue.Two black spots on the sides of the head are separated by a white stripe, covering his eyes and ears and ending on the cheeks.

In the center of the white band there is often a small oval black spot, which is also a sign of the breed.Above the eyes, two pale spots, the intensity of which can be different.On the cheeks, the inner surfaces of the ears, the underside of the tail and limbs - fawn tan.The tail is correctly placed, saber form.The limbs muscular, strong bones.It allowed a small curvature of the front legs.Fingers on the feet tightly gathered in the oval clump.

head is large and long.Wide nose.Eyes oval, dark hazel or hazel color.The ears are long, thin and flexible, with pointed ends.

Height of this breed reaches 30-36 cm, weight - 16-18 kg.

Blue Gascony Basset: character

The first bassets - talented hunters have a good flair.Ability to work both alone and in the pack.It has an unusually stubborn temper: if your desire is not part of his plans - you can be sure that he will not do it, and nothing will make him change his mind.

Everything else Gascon very touchy, he would not tolerate unfair punishment or bad attitude.But this does not mean that the punishment should be eliminated, if the pet is guilty, otherwise he'll think it all is permitted.

Despite his stubborn nature, he does not cease to be a very intelligent, friendly and reliable companion, and likely to become the favorite of the whole family.I get along well with other pets.Dog experts advise to start basset training from an early age.

Blue Gascony Basset: care and maintenance

best option for a dog of this breed is a living countryside with its large space for movement.But nowadays Basset often contain as indoor dogs, so walking should be durable and adequate to Hunter's physical activity.

recommended to regularly clean the ears, that there was no inflammation.Wool does not need special care, enough from time to time brushing.

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