Cornish Rex : curly-haired cat

Cornish Rex : curly-haired cat
Cornish Rex - playful and loyal pets for families that can be given to these royal personages and intelligent enough attention.

history of the breed began in 1950 on a farm in the UK, in Cornwall, where ordinary home cat gave birth to kittens in the extraordinary "karakulchovyh" coats.Their landlady, Mrs. Ennismore, to secure the sign of a wavy fur, brought after a while one of the kittens curly red-white color with its mother.This marked the beginning of the breeding work on the Cornish Rex.

first part of its name Cornish received from the birthplace of the founders of the breed, and the second - from the name of reksovyh (royal) rabbits, also differs curly fur.In Europe and the UK, these elegant creatures were recognized in the late 1960s, and in 1983 was finally verified and approved by the breed standard.

Cornish Rex: Physical description

Cornish Rex can shock, amaze, cause delight or aversion.Cornish leave no one indifferent.Business Card Cornish - very short, fine, "karakulchovaya" hair and

strange, shaggy, if artificially curled eyelashes and mustache.

typical profile of a wedge-shaped heads of these cats is somewhat similar to the profile of a bull terrier and a high set ears are comparable with bat wings.These cats are characterized by dry, muscular physique.Look Cornish rex complete thin, graceful limbs and agile, long, melkozavitoy tail, resembling a whip.

Their coat has no spine, and the young Cornish can be propleshinki even in places where the scalp is not formed completely.Interestingly, babies are born with curly fur rex, which after a few weeks of losing its "karakulchovy" look and starts to curl in a few months.

Cornish Rex endowed with variety of colors.Pure-bred Cornish can be self-colored (black, white, purple, red, chocolate), di- or tri-color.Also assume Himalayan (Siamese) color.

Eyes almond-shaped or round, the color of emerald green, blue, aquamarine, amber, olive, green, and must match the coat color.

Cornish Rex features content

Cornish Rex does not need frequent washing.After bathing may lose its attractiveness karakulchovuyu into something shaggy and untidy.Due to the excessive softness of wool coat Rex against ironed strictly prohibited, so as not to damage the fragile hairs.Their delicate veil combed special rubber glove or a soft brush.

Cornish need to be protected from drafts and cold.A big plus is that it is alien to molt, and their unusual coat rarely provoke allergies than lush fur furry cousins.Surprisingly unpretentious food, but partly because of this tend to overeat.

Cornish Rex: temperament

In appearance Cornish Rex a lot of extremes.The same can be said about his temperament.Cornish Rex unusually emotional and energetic.Their tail - a measure of the scale of mood and are often on the move, showing the cat's heart is overflowing joy and gratitude.

These expensive luxury cat surprisingly playful and cheerful, remain cheerful attitude to old age.The owner and the pet will have to reckon with the Corniche his habits and preferences.Cornish will not tolerate familiarity and contempt.

Rex did not relate to the type of complaisant, "Divan" cats who allow themselves to pat unfamiliar person.Those who dare to take the Royal Corniche in your house, will be obliged to surround him with attention and care.But as a special blue-blooded, Rex is not deprived of aristocracy and nobility: do not give in to the temptation to steal food from the table, mark territory or alienate their feeders kitten.

not vindictive and unforgiving, extremely intelligent and curious, able to create a great company to the child.To train, making it easy to accustom to the Cornish leash.Make Cornish Rex member of your family - and you get a gentle, sociable, good-natured cat feed to its owner tender affection.

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