Asian cat: spirited tomboy

Asian cat: spirited tomboy
charming and smartest animal with a good temper.All of the Asian cat breed

Asian cat appeared as a separate breed in the UK.The mid-1970s was characterized by a large surge of interest in everything that came from the eastern countries.Cats were no exception.At this time, there was a large number of new species have appeared as a result of crossbreeding of animals from Asia and Europe.

History of breed cat Asian

1980 is officially considered to be the time of birth of the first kitten of this breed.This happened in one of the UK nurseries, near London.The cat was presented to several organizations, and they recognized the uniqueness of the breed.In the same year he developed a standard WCF, which included more than two dozen distinctive features of the animal.

In the 1980s, almost all the world like a cat organizations have recognized the Asian breed.Later, all this did LOOF - in 1993.

Currently Asian cat is quite common in the UK and Ireland.A significant percentage of these animals live in t

he US and Canada.Total in the world there are dozens of clubs dedicated to the Asian cat.But in Russia and the CIS countries, this breed never became popular.Just a few nurseries can offer to buy the animal.


The body has the usual size.It is moderately muscled and quite thin.When a cat is sitting, the back has a significant bend.Unlike most species, came to us from Asia, the front legs of this cat are on the back length.

This breed has a medium length tail, which does not change its thickness and only the tip becomes thinner.This feature was transmitted from cat to her European ancestors.

head oval, tapered and elongated muzzle.Chin explicit, medium sized nose, over the entire length has the same thickness.The standard is not determined by its color, but are considered to be preferred lighter shades.

from their ancestors from Asia, this breed was slanted eyes of medium size.WCF Standard allows only gold and almond shades.But other organizations involved in breed evaluation and characteristic features, allow the green.

coat is short, with little undercoat.Allowed considerable variations of different colors and shades.Figure does not matter, but its presence indicates a large number of genes inherited from European ancestors.The hair on the legs may be a little darker.Belly and back is usually the same color.


Asian cat has a very kind and sympathetic character.Genetically it is quite far from their wild ancestors.This affects the behavior and attitude towards humans and other pets.

Like all oriental breed, this cat is very playful as a child.Depending on the education she can keep these habits, or losing them in their adult life.

She loves to play outdoors and requires the owner to walk herself.It is worth noting considerable intelligence inherent in the breed.They understand human speech intonation and can store specific notes in the voice of all family members.Very much like in direct contact with loved ones - to rub on his feet and constantly be around.Anyone who is kind to the cat, she bestows her love and attention.It prefers to allocate one person and be especially devoted to him.Its loyalty can be compared to a dog.

Asian cat is easy to get along with other pets.Several complex relationship can arise with an adult dog, but puppies should be no problems.This breed is ideal for families with children.For Asian cat was observed aggression or jealousy.

One of the features of this cat - she loves to be the center of attention.In some animals, it passes, after they grow.But the majority will still show their masters that they do not have to miss your attention and affection.

Care breed

Care Asian cat is quite simple and does not require daily activities.Enough to comb wool cat once a week.If the animal sheds, then you need to increase the number of procedures to two times a day.

from their ancestral Asian cat had an excellent health.It is rarely sick.

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