Hay fever : treatment and prevention of pollen allergy

Hay fever : treatment and prevention
Seasonal allergic to pollen: can cure hay fever.

If you have hay fever symptoms, do not resist the ailment on their own and save the trek to the allergist.

Besides questioning and examination, the doctor there are other ways to establish and clarify the cause of the allergy.For this purpose, for example, make the skin tests (like Pirquet) allergen extract.If hay fever caused by pollen of this plant is, at the location of the sample occurs redness and slight swelling.

Treatment of pollen allergy

Unfortunately, today there is no drug that completely cure hay fever.Therefore, patients prescribed symptomatic medication and allergy medications.But the emphasis is on prevention of exacerbations.

In addition, for the treatment of allergy to pollen specific immunotherapy is applied.However, this process is long and tedious.Within a few weeks the patient is administered intradermally more concentrated solutions of the allergen, thereby producing in the body a kind of antidote.This is done every year, sh

ortly before the flowering-plant allergens.And consistent results can only be achieved in three years.

During exacerbations of allergy to pollen contraindicated vaccination, vaccination and health plan operations.In addition to treatment with medicines, we recommend hypoallergenic diet, you should avoid physical and emotional stress.In severe attacks, patients may be hospitalized in an allergen-free room.

Avoiding pollen allergy exacerbations

And in the village and in the city - everywhere in the air rushes pollen.How to prevent allergy attacks?

There are a number of preventive techniques that help avoid exposure to pollen.

First of all, the patient dozhen know the season when he starts allergy attacks, and with the doctor to find out the list of allergens.

  • In adverse times, in order to avoid contact with pollen should avoid walking in the parks, on trips and hikes in the woods, do not open the windows at home and in the office in the morning and afternoon (better use of air conditioning), ventilate the room late at night or after the rainin calm weather, closing the window wet gauze or a sheet.
  • ride in the car with the windows closed and do not ride a motorcycle and a bicycle (or wear a closed helmet).Daily wet cleaning of the house.After
  • streets change and clean clothes and take a shower.
  • After washing, do not dry clothes outdoors.
  • not dig in the garden.
  • more often to wash the eyes, nose and mouth.
  • And during exacerbations try to avoid contact with pets, which hair - a warehouse of various pollen.

most best prevention of hay fever - this is a dangerous time to go on vacation where there is no plant, causing the patient's worsening allergies.And before leaving to put covers on the furniture.

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