Rapid tests : diagnoses home

Rapid tests : diagnoses home
The pace of life does not allow much time to devote to their health.However, not paying proper attention and not controlling the condition of the body, you can make the situation into a dead end.Many diseases are much easier to treat at an early stage and avoid further complications.

idle queues in hospitals and pay for expensive tests? All you can do at home!

Modern technologies allow to get reliable and accurate analysis in a short time, and a low price!

Rapid tests of "Advanced biomedical technologies" will allow you to save time and money, and remain confident in any situation.

company offers a wide range of rapid diagnostic tests for the disease, drugs, alcohol and nicotine.Also among the products available and the tests to women.

presence of such tests in the kit will allow you to promptly contact the experts.

Rapid tests on the disease in terms of accuracy not inferior to laboratory analysis.Self test takes 10-15 minutes inside the kit you will find everything you need and detailed inst

ructions for home analysis.

line tests for diseases of our company allows you to identify the most common and dangerous infections and diseases: HIV, hepatitis B and C, tuberculosis, syphilis, heart attack, prostate cancer and gastric ulcer.

Timely access to a doctor at an early stage of the disease is often greatly facilitate the treatment.

These tests can be used as a preventive measure.For example, men older than 40 years should be screened every year on an adenoma of the prostate, and it can be done simply and in the home, taking advantage of our respective test.

also older people can test themselves on the likelihood of a myocardial infarction.

With rapid tests for drugs can be detected in the body of all known types of illicit drugs.The technology is very simple test that will do all the necessary steps at home.In our company, drug tests are divided into two types.

  • on human urine tests.These tests allow to reliably determine the presence of drugs in the human body.

  • tests on flushing.These tests wider range of applications, this technology is being used at customs.To analyze enough of any object, which left traces of sweat object.For example, a mobile phone, which is held in the hands of someone you want to check.However, such tests, in the case of checks by flushing, do not say for 100% availability of the drug in the body, they define physical contact with prohibited substances.

Pregnancy tests and ovulation

The most famous product of rapid tests in the domestic market.Now the use of these tests has ceased to cause distrust and went back to normal.

are also available tests for ovulation.

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