Allergies in children : five steps to solving the problem

Allergies in children : five steps to solving the problem
«And what do you have allergies?" - This question is increasingly asked each other modern moms.And there is nothing surprising here.Indeed, in recent years, this disease occurs in children more often.What to do if a problem is touched and your baby?

Step 1. Do not panic

Firstly, the nervousness of adults and the baby transferred to worsen his condition.And secondly, there is no need to panic: the correct approach to the age most children outgrow their illness.If there are any restrictions, they are usually not too onerous and does not interfere enjoy life.

Step 2. spomnit all

Once you have found a child incomprehensible rash or runny nose, saw that he sneezes or has reddened eyes, try to associate it with any new factors,which appeared in the crumbs of life.If the allergen is identified, it will greatly simplify further the fight against disease.

And do not forget the appearance of any symptoms of malaise of the baby to see a doctor.If necessary, he would send for the necessary surve

y to help clarify the diagnosis.It is important to remember that most often cause reactions in kids food.Sometimes allergic to animals or pollen.Widespread and reaction to household dust.

Step 3. Create a home environment hypoallergenic

To the list of allergens is not expanded, it is desirable to protect the child from the factors that most often cause allergies.These include, for example, house dust.That it did not cause harm to the child's health, clean out carpets, soft toys and feather pillows, wet cleaning every day.At an allergy to pollen tighten window mosquito net and baby clothes do not dry on the balcony.Do not use bath concoctions of herbs and cosmetics created on the basis of plants.

Step 4. Monitor the child nutrition

important to remember that there are foods that are more likely to cause allergies.It is possible that your baby to have no reaction, but hurry up with their introduction is still not on the menu.The most common food allergens include milk, fruits and vegetables red and orange, fish, honey, chocolate, nuts.If you think that you can introduce the child, such as strawberries, do it in the morning - then will be able to watch the crumbs of the state during the day.And start literally from one berries.Increase the dose, just making sure that the child has no reaction.

Step 5: Keep on hand a reliable drug

allergic reaction in a child may begin at any time, so you need to always keep on hand a reliable tool that will help.This may be, for example, a second generation antihistamine "Zirtek".Its advantage is that it is used in all kinds of allergies, so you do not have to painfully think, from which a loved crumbs rash or runny nose began.

«Zyrtec" relieves a baby with allergic rhinitis (seasonal and perennial), and the itching, sneezing, conjunctivitis, atopic dermatitis, and even angioedema.

Moreover, the drug is suitable for children of all ages: for babies from 6 months of age, it comes in the form of drops, which is very convenient to dose, and for children from 6 years - tablets.This means that you can use the familiar and easy preparation as long as your favorite baby does not outgrow the allergy.

When the solution to the problem is found, then all of the alarms can be simply forgotten.We can only rejoice at how wonderful the baby grows and how many new things he learns every day!

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