bottle tooth decay

bottle tooth decay
Bottle tooth decay, or caries of deciduous teeth, often formed on the upper front teeth.Initially, it noted the appearance of a brown plaque, which in the future if not treated quickly leads to tooth decay.

Dental caries is a disease process which leads to the formation of lesions in tooth demineralization and softening of hard tissue.As a result, defects in the form of the cavity, causing the soreness.

Reasons bottle caries

Bottle tooth decay occurs in the early years of the baby's life, and contribute to the following reasons:

  • lack of proper oral hygiene.Many parents do not feel the need to brush your teeth to young children, while brushing teeth should be from the moment of their appearance.
  • Drinking large quantities of sugary drinks (juice, sweet tea, juices, beverages with ascorbic acid), especially at night.
  • Drinking milk at night, contributing to the growth of bacteria.Children older than one year at night should drink only water.
  • Many dentists are accused of nursing caries frequent us
    e of pacifiers.
  • mineral imbalance in drinking water, in particular low levels of fluoride in it.
  • microcracks of enamel, which can occur when mechanical failure of a hard object or a sharp drop of temperature of the food cold on a hot and back again.
  • genetic predisposition.
  • Some dentists argue that caries is transmitted, as well as any other infection, such as through contact and mother of the child if mother has tooth decay, child licked the nipple or spoon.
  • concomitant diseases, such as rickets, pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, chronic tonsillitis, and so on. D.

Signs bottle caries

When nursing caries can be seen darkening of the teeth or the formation of cavities in them.In most cases, extensive lesions children complain of pain.

dentist after examining the teeth diagnose "bottle tooth decay."

Treatment bottle caries

Treatment of caries of deciduous teeth is necessary.You should not rely on the fact that the teeth will fall out and the problem will disappear by itself.Untreated bottle tooth decay adversely affects the formation of the permanent teeth and jaw development.

If there is a bottle of surface caries, the dentists offer silvered procedure.Unfortunately, in this embodiment, the treatment after application of teeth defects stained in black color that looks pretty ugly.However, such treatment is quite effective.

Also currently there are procedures for the treatment of bottle caries, as the remineralization of enamel and ozone therapy.

Deep bottle caries requires sealing.

How to prevent bottle tooth decay

For the prevention of caries of deciduous teeth following rules must be followed.

  • Regular cleaning of the teeth from the very first moment of their appearance.Initially wipes are used to clean teeth for this, then the brush bristle with silicone, and finally with a soft baby special brush bristles.Toothpaste is selected by age.
  • It is important to teach a child to brush your teeth at least three minutes smooth movements of the brush from the gum to the tooth.The front teeth are cleaned by vertical movements from the gum to the edge of the tooth and gums - circular.
  • be strictly metered consumption of sweets.After dessert, you need to rinse your mouth with water.
  • forbidden to eat at night is something other than water.Before going to sleep you need to brush your teeth and then drink water only.
  • Do not give your child sweets, long time being in the mouth: lollipop, candy, etc. A sweet to not stick to your teeth, you need to rinse your mouth after eating...
  • periodic dental check-ups, starting with the year - every year.
  • early weaning the child is desirable from the nipples.

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