Treatment of esophageal burns in children

esophageal burns in children
Burns of the esophagus in children require immediate professional assistance.Depending on the type and severity of symptoms as well as the specifics assigned inpatient hospital or home.

burn the esophagus in children is due to enter the lumen of the esophagus caustic chemicals.Thermal burns is extremely rare and usually limited to lesions of the oral cavity and pharynx.The most common esophageal burns in children 1.5-4 years, due to increased activity of the child at this age.

severity and symptoms of esophageal burns in children

esophageal burns in children are 3 degrees of severity:

  • mild lesions.The main symptoms are redness and swelling, but can be released and areas of necrosis of the surface lining of the esophagus.Appear inflammation in submucosal and muscle layers of the esophagus.Its functions are not violated, since there is no scarring and narrowing of the lumen;
  • average degree.It Has 3 development periods: necrotic, granulation and scar.There is a rejection of necrotic tissue, esopha
    geal wall defect was filled with granulation, there is scarring;
  • severe degree.It is characterized by a more extensive lesions of the esophagus, including bleeding and perforation of the wall.

Symptoms of poisoning by chemicals, as a rule, no, since the child is not able to swallow a large amount of material.esophageal burns in children are mainly local symptoms: severe burning and pain in the mouth, throat and behind the sternum and in the epigastric region.Often there is swelling of the lips.In the case of deep lesions of the esophagus developed shock and loss of consciousness.

treatment of esophageal burns in children

appearance of esophageal burns in children requires immediate hospitalization.As a first aid in case of burns alimentary tract in children receiving large required amount of water or milk, followed by challenge vomiting.At the hospital, the child was washed stomach.Methods subsequent therapy depend on the severity of the child's condition and includes intravenous solutions of glucose, plasma and other fluids may be needed.Inside with alkali burns give hydrochloric acid solution (1%), and fish oil.

In the case of laryngeal edema is applied embargo inferior turbinate novocaine and divert funds are used (hot baths or mustard).According to the testimony prescribe painkillers and antibiotics.In order to prevent stenosis produce probing.The food in the first few days after the burn is only given liquid.esophageal burns in children with timely treatment have a favorable outcome in 90% of cases.

In order to prevent all corrosives and hot liquids should be stored in inaccessible areas of the chemical or thermal damage to the esophagus in children.

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