Burns in Children : First aid

burns in children first aid
Regardless of the causes of burns in children, first aid should be provided as early as possible.

The most common injuries are burns in children.Burns in children require first aid as soon as there were signs:

  • pain and redness in mild degree burn;
  • blisters filled with clear or yellowish liquid, with an average degree burns;
  • appearance of skin necrosis, and a deep-tissue in the case of serious injury.

particularly common chemical, thermal, electrical, and sunburn.

Chemical burns in children

Any contact with chemicals can cause burns in children.First Aid is to remove substances - Causes burns - by washing with plenty of cold running water.In some cases it is impossible to wash water due to the risk of thermal reaction, if originated from the burn-in quicklime, organic aluminum compounds and of concentrated sulfuric acid.It is necessary to remove clothing, if there are traces of the chemical.The child should be given a pain reliever, and cover the affected area with sterile cloth and seek medi

cal advice.

Chemicals during ingestion cause esophageal burns in children.First aid in such cases is rinsing the mouth, but requires urgent treatment in a hospital, where all the necessary procedures will be carried out to the child.

Thermal burns Thermal

- the most common burns in children.First aid for thermal burns is the immediate removal of the affected source.It is necessary to quickly remove clothing from the affected area.If the fabric is stuck to the skin, do not try to tear it.Then it is necessary to cool the burn with water, ice, and cold air.Post anesthetic drug.On the surface of a burn can cause one of the drugs of burn, "Panthenol", "Bepanten" etc. In deeper burns impose a dry sterile cloth or napkin and call a doctor..

Electrical burns

unsafely use electrical appliances - also a common cause of childhood burns.First aid for electric shock is to isolate the victim from the power source.In no case this can not be done with bare hands if the current is still supplied to the child.First you need to turn off the electricity, or move the victim from its source using a plastic or rubber object, dry sticks or folded in several layers of fabric.In case of violation of breathing and heart rate is required artificial respiration and chest compressions before the arrival of the ambulance.


Prolonged exposure to the sun can serve as the appearance of skin burns in children.Emergency assistance in this case is isolated from UV rays, cool compresses and plentiful drink.In case of itching and swelling of the affected area to lubricate antihistamine and process panthenol.

adults need as carefully as possible to try to prevent burns in children.First Aid, if an accident does occur, should be provided without delay!

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