Boy and boxing

In boxing, as in any other power duel, there are pros and cons that you should consider before you enroll your child in this section.

Few parents, faced with the desire of the child to box, immediately and fully endorses his choice and begins to search for a suitable school sports.And even if the Pope is on the side of her son, mother, tends to be strongly opposed.

reason for the ban is on the surface.Recognizing the benefit of sport in general, the majority of inhabitants idea of ​​the box is formed from a bearded anecdotes, bloody militants and terrible stories about familiar broken nose and teeth knocked the unlucky athlete.

In fact, a boxing reality far less cruel and dangerous, although there are some pitfalls in it.


stories Fist fight as a sport practiced in every nation and enjoyed great popularity among the masses.Egyptian hieroglyphics, Greek frescoes and written records show that boxing in one form or another existed at the dawn of human civilization.Intensively developed it becam

e in England, where every competition crowds of fans to bet on their favorites.

rules, which in those days were the fights were highly conditional, and few carefully watched over their observance.The situation radically changed in 1867 when the Queensbury rules were adopted, strictly regulate boxing bout.It then began to use gloves and protection equipment has become more diverse, having saved boxing from the coarseness and cruelty yard fights and giving it a slender lines of combat sports.

In our country became a follower of boxing fisticuffs and Russian school of boxing today, is deservedly recognized as one of the strongest in the world.From all the above it can be concluded that if thousands of years, boxing not only as something existed in the world of sports, but also actively progressed, capturing the entire continent, "enlisting" hundreds and hundreds of supporters, it means that it has a positive grain?

Benefits boxing

main condition, without which it does not make sense to give the child the section of box - is the desire of the boys engage in this sport.

should then pay attention to the age limits.For example, a first-grader to the ring to leave a bit early, but 10-12 years is considered the best age to start training.But whenever a child or crossed the threshold of school of boxing, he will find a lot of useful skills and abilities.


  • boxing builds character, develops endurance, desire to win, self-discipline.
  • Trains body: the muscles become stronger, flexible joints, improve stretch.
  • improve immunity.
  • improves coordination, reaction, agility, ease of movement.
  • healthy life inherent to childhood remain for years to come, distracting addiction to bad habits and the pernicious influence of the street.
  • ability to fend for themselves.For good reason-hand equipment in this sport is considered to be the most effective.

Cons boxing

  • Limited Equipment (only processed punches technique, kicks, elbows, head, and throws, grabs and the use of weapons are excluded).
  • offset center of gravity at the level of the chest, leading to instability.
  • Injuries (unpredictable consequences constant blows to the head).

Keep head

Many pediatricians believe that boxing has a negative impact on the health of the child and harm him than benefit.The reason is that it is in the box the risk of getting severe head injury is very high.And a child's nervous system concussion effect especially harmful.

Opponents of this view argue that there is absolutely injury in every sport, even the most innocent at first glance.Training in the box built in such a way as to gradually increase physical activity and to protect the child from the most rigid class sections.No coach would never put a novice boxer clearly a strong contender, not make him practice the lightning strikes to the head and not bring into the ring, if he did not receive this necessary knowledge and skills.

Most of the time in the room given to learning the basic strokes and blocks (and beginners This is done usually in front of a mirror), working with shells, such as pear, bag, boxing paws, etc.Great importance is given to physical training, such as jumping rope, exercise at the gym, etc. Also, do not forget that boxing equipment works to protect:. Is a helmet, gloves, cap to the teeth.

Despite the external surroundings, boxing sense is not only and not so much in the ability to fight.First of all, teachers are trying to convey to children the philosophy of a strong and good man, to develop in them the politeness, the desire to protect minors, respect for elders.Parenting a child's determination, confidence and ability to learn - the head coach of the problem.

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