Yoga exercises for flexibility

Yoga for flexibility
Modern lifestyle leads to the fact that people do not move, the body loses its flexibility.Restore previous plasticity of muscles and joints will help Yoga for flexibility.This set of exercises aimed at stretching the muscles of the back and legs and has a beneficial effect on overall health.

large percentage yoga stretching exercises regard the body.This is due to the fact that our well-being and health is largely dependent on the mobility of the joints, muscles and ligaments.Regular yoga exercises classes for flexible return former ductility your body.

How to practice yoga for flexibility

To develop flexibility through yoga training regimen must be followed, and to concentrate on the exercises.

  1. Training should be regular (every day or at least 3-4 times a week).
  2. Exercises should be performed in a strictly prescribed sequence, gradually warming up the muscles.
  3. Activities should be carried out in a calm atmosphere, can be used as background music, conducive to relaxation.
  4. necessary to develop
    asana slowly, concentrating on their correct implementation.

Yoga for flexibility: the key exercises

series of exercises that have a particularly high efficacy, will help you quickly achieve the desired result.

  • Stretching feet and back of the legs.Starting position: sit on the floor, legs stretched out and pulling the foot.Lean forward and touch the hands of the toes, and the knees and the back should be straight and your head - lifted forward.
  • Stretching the legs apart.Starting position: sitting on the floor, spread his legs apart as wide as possible.Bend the right foot clasp hands and pull it toward you, then do the exercise on the left side.Keep the legs and back straight.Then do lean forward and try to touch the floor breast.The legs can be separated more widely, to make it more convenient to perform the asana.Stretching is designed for the muscles of the back and hips.
  • Stretching sitting
  • .Asana is performed in the "lotus".Heels should be in line with the knees, back straight.Grasp hands your toes, then rhythmically raise and lower the knees, pulling them to the floor.The movements must be sharp, but soft and natural.Then bend forward, head touching the floor.
  • Exercise torsion.Starting position: sit down, legs crossed under him (position "seiza").Turn right and put his hands behind, they described a large circle in the air, slowly tilt your head to the floor, so that it was between the hands.Then again twisting in the opposite direction.This yoga exercise develops flexibility of the back and align the spine.
  • Stretching back muscles.Starting position: position "seiza" back touching the floor, arms extended over your head.Alternately rolls over his shoulder in one direction or the other.Thus knees should touch the floor and your hands - be extended in the release position.To facilitate the implementation of the asanas can put a small pillow under your lower back.
  • Exercise "rocking".The sitting cross your legs in front of him so that the left foot was right in front at a distance of 20 cm, while the right was a hip, keep your back straight.Put your hands on your feet, head slightly tilted forward and lean back swinging motion.When your feet will be at the top, return to starting position.Then change the stop and roll again.

It should be remembered that the rate of yoga will not give you instant results, however, as well as other exercises designed to stretch the muscles.But through regular practice yoga for flexibility, strengthen your musculoskeletal system and make the body extremely malleable and fluid.

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