The development of coordination abilities

development of coordination abilities
development of coordination abilities occupies an important place in the general education of children, as it stimulates their most rational and appropriate to develop new actions, to solve complex problems in a constantly changing environment.

Today, health is a priceless treasure.Health helps us to carry out plans to solve all of life's problems, to deal with congestion and overcome life's complexity.

what purpose it is necessary to develop the coordination abilities

There are up to 18 different types of endurance, about 2 dozen species of coordination abilities, which manifest themselves in specific motor actions, as well as about 10 specific coordination abilities:

  • rhythm;
  • balance;
  • reaction;
  • ability to differentiation of force, spatial and temporal parameters;
  • flexibility;
  • power capacity;
  • speed capacity and other

the scientific and technological revolution requires the development of coordination abilities.Development of new motor action takes place much faster if dealing with more

durable, strong and fast muscles, developed the ability to govern themselves, lithe body.That is why it is so important for sports, increasing the level of physical development.

What is coordination abilities

Under-motor coordination skills necessary to understand the ability to accurately, quickly, resourceful, economical and feasible to solve motor tasks.This is especially true of those problems that arise unexpectedly and have a high degree of complexity.

agility and coordination to help accurate differentiation, reproduction and measuring power, temporal and spatial parameters of movement, response, orientation in a very complex environment, rebuild and coordination of motor activity, the ability to maintain balance, a sense of rhythm.

When the need to develop coordination abilities

critical period in the development of adolescents is a transitional age, so for 11-12 years children already have basic skills in jumping, running, climbing and throwing.They have all the prerequisites to develop motor skills advantageous.The main task at this age is to develop coordination skills, you can learn the art of gymnastics, athletics, martial arts, sports games, swimming, skiing movement.

main objectives of development of coordination abilities.

  1. Coordination abilities contribute to the successful mastery of technique exercise.
  2. Formed coordination abilities needed to prepare adolescents for life, work, and serve in the army.
  3. Coordination abilities contribute to the correct distribution of potencies: speed, strength, endurance.
  4. Variety of exercises helps to avoid monotony and uniformity in training, bring pleasure and joy to participate in sports.

Total experts distinguish 5 types of coordination abilities:

  • balance;
  • kinesthetic differentiation;
  • sense of rhythm;
  • orientation in space
  • reaction.

means of

coordination abilities of the main vehicle for the development of coordination abilities are exercise with increased coordination complexity, containing the elements of novelty.

most effective means for the development of coordination abilities are gymnastic exercises, which cover the major muscle groups.Exercise with objects and without, simple and complex, as well as exercises in balance.

All exercises are aimed at the development of coordination abilities will only be effective as long as they do not operate automatically.Then they lose value, not by stimulating the development of coordination.Coordinating the movement is best done in the morning lessons, as they quickly tire.

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