The simulator for the legs and buttocks : how to choose

The simulator for the legs and buttocks : how to choose
According to statistics, about 40% of women around the world are dissatisfied with their feet.Many of them have to address this problem are choosing training devices for the legs and buttocks.

Remove extra weight will help to diet, but make legs slim and rounded hips possible only by means of physical exercises.That is why such a popular special simulators, each of which performs its function, a single muscle group training.

«Home» Leg and buttocks

Ordinary rope, known to everyone since childhood, can be an effective trainer, who will help to strengthen not only the abdominal muscles, but also the muscles of the arms and shoulders.By the way, scientists have found that 130 jumps on a skipping rope in a minute save from the same amount of calories as jogging at 5 km.

Another simple simulator for the legs and buttocks, which can be easily used at home - a platform for step aerobics.Just an hour classes on it burns 200 to 500 calories - depending on the platform height.Also in this form of aerobic lo

ad on certain muscle groups are used, for example, balls and wide rubber bands that are worn on the hips and down below, making an effort when walking.

Assist in finding attractive shapes the buttocks and legs simulators made on the basis of the Expander, which counteract the movement, allowing the load on the muscles.One such exercise is as follows: sitting on the edge of a chair, set the shell between the knee cap and squeeze down the inside of the hip simulator.Every day, enough to carry out the order of fifty reps.

Similarly exercises are performed with a ring for pilates, aimed at stretching and strengthening the muscles of the deep muscle corset.

Special simulators for the legs and buttocks

However, exercises with home exercise equipment may not be enough.In this case, it is recommended to buy high-grade simulators that set out in the fitness clubs.

  1. treadmill.In the summer better to run in the open air, but in the "non-flying" weather running track on the house music no less pleasure.Who also will significantly strengthen the muscles of the legs and buttocks, making them slim and elastic.
  2. not bring less effect and an exercise bike.He uses a lot of muscles, but the legs, thighs and buttocks - to the greatest extent.
  3. Stepper - compact simulator representing two pedals.It not only makes the legs and hips slim, but also helps get rid of cellulite.
  4. Together, these simulators are connected to the simulator-hybrid - ellipsoid.He uses the shin muscles, buttocks and thighs.

How to choose a trainer for legs and buttocks

When buying a simulator for the legs and buttocks should be taken into consideration, what exactly the objectives you want to achieve with it.It is advisable to test and simulator.

In sports stores are unlikely to give you a full workout, but the fitness club and consultation with the instructor will help you understand how the simulator works best for you.

Whatever trainer you choose, remember that the main thing - the intensity and frequency of training.

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