Bed for hamster

Choose bedding for rodents.

basic requirement in the maintenance of domestic rodent is the purity of the cell in which he lives.Dirty, unkempt and especially cell bed pet can be a source of various infectious diseases.When harvesting the cells should always pay attention to the freshness and purity of the substrate.

in pet shops there is a huge range of different substrates.However, the hamster is suitable not for everyone.

Wood chips

most popular form.Good absorbent, soft, also accessible to all because of the cheapness.But you need to know some of the nuances.Chips treated cedar or pine oil, harmful to rodents and causes them respiratory diseases.Chips of hardwood is much more suitable pet than softwood shavings.


Suitable rodents that dig burrows, like gerbil.This is due to the fact that the chips are denser than chips.However, a significant drawback - irritation of the skin and mucous rodent sawdust small particles - do not allow to use them as a substrate for rabbits, guinea pigs and


Cardboard and paper

wonderful choice for any rodent, but prints should be avoided that the paint did not have a toxic effect on the pet.From the cut paper you can build the perfect nest for a rat, gerbil or hamster.

There substrate of wood and paper mulch.They perfectly absorb not only moisture, but also the smell of ammonia.


straw can be used as a substrate under the condition that it is soft.However, experts argue that even very soft straw will be too stiff and prickly for the pet and can hurt him.This is especially true of guinea pigs and hamsters.


optimal replacement is straw hay.Hay is much softer than straw, and it reduces the risk of injury of mucous rodent.

Fabric Soft fabric and old clothes will be a wonderful little bed for any rodent.Rats, gerbils and hamsters happy erected a shelter of socks with toes cut off.Rags and cut into a piece of clothing is necessary from time to time to throw away, replaced by a new substrate, or carefully wash out and reuse.

substrate Vetbed

This kind of support is widespread in veterinary clinics, sold in rolls and is suitable not only to rodents but also dogs and cats.

It is very durable, it can scratch, chew, stretch, but it will remain virtually unchanged.The inner layer of the substrate perfectly absorbs any moisture, while the outer remains dry.In addition, this substrate is reusable, because it can be washed repeatedly.

cat litter

This material is, oddly enough, also can be used as a substrate for rodents, but it is better to choose one in which pellets of wood.Some owners recommend rodents used as a substrate is a mixture of a filler for the toilet, as it absorbs moisture well, and wood chips, because it is soft and comfortable for the rodent.Particularly praised the filler for the toilet owners rats.

If you opt for a filler for the toilet, do not need to use a small-sized sand, because it causes skin and eye irritation.Since the filler is quite hard, it is recommended to rodents burrowing example gerbil.

Stopping your choice on one of the many support options, we must remember that it is necessary not only in the rodent as a sorbent, but also as a material for the nest.

For those of rodents, that are in the nests do not need, you still need a soft substrate to retain heat.Therefore it is better to combine different types of materials that perform various functions, such as cat litter as a sorbent and a soft cloth or chips for heat retention.

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