Manicure for ferret

Regular grooming claws ferret - the obligation of the owner.

If ferret claws grow too long, they will not only hinder him in walking, but can provoke injury if the animal is hooked claw, for example, the carpet and start actively escape.Claws ferrets need to mow as regrowth, about once a month.

To cut nails should be using special cutters for the claws, or kogterezok.Conventional nail clippers will not be able to cope with the claw of an animal, since it is more solid and can not be cut and split.In pet stores quite a large range of kogterezok.Choosing a quality tool should be, with a good strong and reliable sharpening pens.

Before you proceed directly to the process need to be familiar with the anatomical structure of the claws.Inside Claw is a blood vessel, it can be seen even if we consider the claw into the light.Due to the fact that the flask can be of different lengths from each animal, long claws can not be cut immediately to the desired results if the hurt blood vessels and nerves, the pet w

ill experience a sharp and severe pain in the future will be cautious and wary of the procedure.

sheared long claws must be gradual, and on hand just in case always be hemostatics.

If cropped claws are sharpened edges, it is possible to treat them a little manicure nail file.

In carrying out this procedure at the same time explore the pads of his feet to detect cuts, scratches, and fungal infections.This especially applies to those owners that put animals on the street.The animal may occur while walking on broken glass, sharp stone, and in the cold season paws face another danger - salt and chemicals.

order to avoid various kinds of complications related to walking, you can proactively handle his claws and paw pads protective spray, which after drying is converted into elastic plenochku.It perfectly protects the skin against chemical and mechanical influences, but freely passes air.

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