Invisible enemies

Home decor can be a source of various diseases, harmless and not very much.

Some of the most common things around the house, the habit and pleasure can lead to health disorders.

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In this article you will find a description of the most common household things that can lead to health disorders.

1. Using

kitchen sponge

Oddly enough, but the dirtiest place in the house is the kitchen, says Philip Tierno, head of the department of clinical microbiology and immunology at New York University and author of "The Secret life of germs. "And all because in the kitchen, we are dealing with the meat, which often contain on their surface E. coli, salmonella, and other bacteria and viruses.

often after eating people wipe the table affordable tool: kitchen sponge.It not only removes the liquid and dirt, but also perfectly accumulates on itself E. coli and other intestinal bacteria and germs.Along with a kitchen towel, it is the dirtiest th

ing in your kitchen.And the more you try to scrub sponge table, the more you spread microorganisms around: in the refrigerator, in a microwave oven, on the stove, or a cutting table.As a result, may suffer and your body, picking up a bit of bacteria accumulated on the sponge million germs.


Dr. Tierno recommends wiping the table in front of a kitchen sponge to soak for a while in an aqueous solution of bleach.This is a cheap but effective germicide that destroys unwanted guests of your kitchen.After use, be sure to rinse the sponge with water and dry it properly.This will kill germs.Good help processing the cleaning sponge in the microwave for 1-2 minutes.Pour into a bowl and put some water in it a sponge.A boiling liquid instantly destroy bacteria.

2. Using a vacuum cleaner

Traditional vacuum cleaners are designed to clean our floors and carpets from large accumulations of dust.However, tiny dust particles pass through the pores of the bag for garbage collection, and again find themselves in the air.So, even if the floor looks clean, dust that can cause allergies, remains at large.

According to David McIntosh, lead researcher of the company's Environmental Health & amp;Engineering, which deals with problems of the environment and human health, in house dust in large quantities contained particles of the environment.This not only allergens of animal and plant origin, but also harmful substances such as heavy metals, pesticides, lead and other chemical compounds.


look cleaners in stores with special HEPA-filters (with English "high-efficiency air filter.").Unlike conventional vacuums, HEPA-filter effectively traps the finer particles and prevents them from returning back into the air we breathe.

3. Sleep on the pillow and mattress

On average, even when a person does not do anything, every hour it loses about 1.5 million skin cells and a little more than a liter of fluid a day later.Skin cells are deposited on the bedding and serve excellent food for house dust mites.

you this seems inconsequential?Then try to imagine that the weight of a conventional mattress doubles in 10 years of use due to congestion on the human hair it, hair and dander pets, mildew and spores, bacteria, chemicals, various dust, bed linen fibers mitedust and their faeces.After five years, 10% of the weight of the pillow up house dust mites!And that we breathe during sleep ...


Atop pillows and mattresses, always wear impervious covers, which does not allow anything to penetrate inside and out.And best of all, if they are made of hypoallergenic materials.In addition, Dr. Tierno recommends weekly wash blankets in hot water.

4. Open windows wide

When, after the winter weather gets better, many tend to open wider windows and vents, to breathe the fresh spring air.However, we often do not think about the fact that in many large cities outside air only can hardly be called clean.Every year in Moscow killed about 3500 people from the city's air pollution.In addition, the spring - a time for flowering trees and other plants, pollen, which is a potent allergen for many modern inhabitants of megacities.


close the windows and turn on the air conditioner.All air-conditioning systems have filters that protects mechanical parts from debris contamination.Standard filters catch only large particles, such as hair or cobwebs.However, you can find a shop air conditioners are designed to remove the smallest components of air that can get into the lungs.Here is their something and should be possible to purchase.This will be a valuable investment in your own life.According to the study, published recently in the journal The New England Journal of Medicine , pure air adds at least five months to live.

5. Preparation of meat on the grill

Without this extremely popular action is difficult to imagine a summer holiday in the fresh air.However, when cooking meat over an open fire formation of compounds that can cause cancer.This polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and heterocyclic amines (GCA).When fat drips onto a hot grill or in contact with fire, there is smoke, and with it - and PAHs.But cooking a steak at a high temperature (which, incidentally, can be done at home) leads to the formation of GCA.


before you put the meat on the grill grate, wrap it in aluminum foil food where do the small holes.Through them meat fat will go away, but harmful compounds will not be able to get back when burned.Try to choose the thin pieces of meat, containing little fat.In addition, there is information that can reduce the amount of GCA using pre-pickling.

6. Spending time in front of TV

Watching TV has become a real barrier to healthy lifestyle.And not just because fewer people moving.Sitting in front of TV, as well a snack chips, or even some high-calorie snack.And all this leads to an increase in body weight.Now in Russia, about 54% of the fair sex are overweight.Around the world, it counted about 1.5 billion people obese.Than it threatens man?A whole bunch of diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, cancers and other disorders.


Turn off the TV, throw a bag of chips and go for a walk.

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