Prediabetes : 7 Steps to victory

Prediabetes : 7 Steps to victory
How to prevent prediabetes becoming diabetes.

If you have just learned that you have pre-diabetes, or impaired glucose tolerance, you are not alone.Today there are about 314 million people have pre-diabetes, and by 2025, according to WHO projections, the number closer to 500 million. However, not everyone is fed themselves to the diagnosis "diabetes".Only 11% of people in developing pre-diabetes is a terrible disease.

Prediabetes has not

diabetes Diabetes and prediabetes precursor to cause the same factors: lifestyle (diet and exercise), and heredity.

diagnose it can be based on various blood tests, testifying to the level of glucose in the body.A person with pre-diabetes results show inflated figures on the basic parameters, but does not reveal diabetes - yet.

While this is only an alarm.And the ability to change the way of life and delay or even prevent the disease.

Become actively

Regular physical activity significantly reduces the risk of developing diabetes.If the daily routine does not l

eave time for full training, use watching television to perform physical exercises standing, lying down or sitting - in front of the TV screen.

Let your home become your biggest fans.

Physical activity significantly lowers blood glucose levels and reduces body fat.The ideal training regimen - at least 30 minutes, five days per week.

Lose weight

Prediabetes is diagnosed almost no modern methods of research, but for people who are obese, is a condition characterized by.

Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the weight, and if kilograms too much weight will have to reset.But this does not mean to exhaust yourself diets, aiming to perfect 90-60-90.Even a small weight loss can significantly reduce the risk of pre-diabetes to diabetes.

daily 30-minute physical education classes to help get rid of 5-7% of body weight in a month, and this, in turn, reduces the chance of the onset of diabetes by 58%!

more likely to visit a doctor

Prediabetes can last for years and is often diagnosed retrospectively.Therefore, if the tests show impaired glucose tolerance, an annual clinical examination is not enough, it is better to visit an endocrinologist every 3-6 months.

carefully selected food

word "diet" if you are not afraid, that evokes nostalgia, and even disgusted, sometimes quite persistent.Look at it another way: everything can be turned into a competition or game.

main thing - do not go for the food, and imagine how you will feel not in the process of eating all the same notorious chips, and after ... Provide aftertaste, belching, feeling of guilt - a dubious pleasure!

Prefer fruits and vegetables, especially those with low starch content - broccoli, carrots and beans.Eat more foods high in fiber.Choose unrefined cereals.High-calorie drinks and foods, replace them healthier counterparts.

very important diet: there should be one and the same time, at least 3-4 times a day.The last meal should be no later than two hours before bedtime.


fight against excess weight, regular exercise - all this gives a lot easier when close associates.If you have the opportunity to join the group, please do so, then adhere to the new way of life will be easier.

Make sleep a priority

regular lack of sleep contribute to chronic fatigue, the body is subjected to stress, causing it to prepare for the worst and save the fat reserves for a rainy day.In addition, insomnia or circadian (daily) rhythm, carries a hidden danger.

For a good night's sleep is responsible, in particular, the hormone melatonin, which regulates the process.Its concentration is highest between midnight and 4 o'clock in the morning and up to 70%.In this slows release of insulin, regardless of the level of blood glucose.

other words, melatonin and blood insulin concentration change "in antiphase".This means that even a small foray into the refrigerator at 2 am will greatly enhance the level of glucose in the blood - and all because of its spread through the cells simply no one.So, quietly, over and over again you are "sweetening" the blood and every night snack approach to diabetes ... So make sleep a priority!

Change consciousness

Right thinking - the key to change lifestyle in the right direction.Make a conscious choice to make every day to adhere to new habits on the road of diabetes.

course, to begin to live a new layout is difficult, and it is understandable that there will be exceptions to the rule, but only an exception ... The future - in your hands!

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