How to select quality milk

How to select quality milk
Experts recommend eating at least three servings of dairy products per day.But how to choose a truly useful and high-quality product?Tell us what to look for when buying milk.

National Dairy Producers Union recalls that three dairy products a day - the norm for healthy people.It

three servings of dairy products - yogurt, kefir, milk, fermented baked milk or cottage cheese - contain 80% of the recommended calcium intakes of 1,200 mg, and that is how much should consume an adult daily.

They provide the body with beneficial micronutrients, enhance immunity, strengthen bone tissue, a positive effect on the condition of nails, hair and teeth.

stores literally filled with various products produced from milk: milk of different species, milk drinks, sour cream, kefir, yogurt, cheese, curds, and more.How to choose a quality product?

Before you get on the supermarket shelves, milk and dairy products undergo a number of checks.They all help to suppliers only produce a safe product.

arrange "dairy lab" at h

ome is not necessary, but consumers have traditionally recommended to pay attention to several aspects.

Draught or

packaging Raw milk - a favorable environment for growth and reproduction of bacteria.Buy homemade milk "grandmother" is certainly nice, but no one can guarantee its quality.

Factory manufacturers milk is subjected to a heat treatment to kill any pathogens that may be present in it.

Heat treatment does not reduce the nutritional value of milk.Conversely, the heat treatment improves the digestibility of serum proteins.

Which package to choose

glass or plastic bottle, carton or bag - the choice is yours.Cardboard packing pasteurized milk consists of several layers of polyethylene, aluminum foil and cardboard.

For products with a long shelf life outside the refrigerator package must provide full protection from the effects of light and atmospheric oxygen.

whole or skim

Dairy products with low percentage of fat content popular with people looking for their physical form.But do not lose sight of that in low-fat foods contain much less useful microelements.It is recommended to choose a high fat content - 1,5-3,5%.

There is a common misconception that calcium from low-fat products are not digest and fatty foods - natural.However, between the natural and the fat content of the product is no connection.

The program "Three dairy products per day" Soyuzmoloko does not make a fundamental division into fat and low-fat dairy products.The main thing - the quality and safety of products and compliance with a balanced diet.

What are the benefits of enriched milk

fortified milk - fluid milk, in which to improve the nutritional value of the product when compared with the original content Enter additional, separately or in combination, substances such as milk protein, vitamins, micro and macro,dietary fiber, polyunsaturated fatty acids, phospholipids, probiotics.

All of them are useful for the human body and has a positive effect on the intestinal microflora.

little about storage

period Always pay attention to the production date on the packaging.Manufacturers determine the shelf life safe for the health of the consumer.Even if it seems too much - do not worry, this does not mean that before you unnatural product.

For example, the shelf life of yoghurt is increased in two ways - the "cold chain" at all stages of production, milk from the farm to the finished product (temperature +/- 2-4 ° C), and under aseptic manufacture (almost sterile) conditions.Thus live bacteria in yoghurt stored until the end of its shelf life.

For those who want to feel like an expert

Antibiotic and residual elements of drugs used to improve animal health, should not be in the milk!This was a very strict watch on large productions.Each batch of milk supplied to the plant, is tested.

What can you do at home?Rich milk with antibiotics impersonating reluctance to acidify, for example, if a home yogurt, despite the correct sequence of actions and a proven starter, failed to produce the expected product.

Those who got no yogurt, you can try to mix in a control sample of raw bit of sour cream and put the container with the mixture in a warm place, if the concentration of antibiotics is not exceeded, the mixture will soon turn sour.

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