Lack of sleep causes depression

Lack of sleep causes depression
Lack of sleep can lead to decreased performance, depression and impaired health.

constantly forget about some little things?Hardly concentrate attention?Sleep less than six hours a day?Studies by American scientists has shown that lack of sleep reduces efficiency, as well as the emotional background and the mood up to depression.


enough sleep Most people do not realize how much the lack of sleep affects our consciousness and psychological state.We tend to think that a good sleep - it is a luxury, available only during the holidays.In fact, sleep is essential for effective learning, memory, concentration.

Lack of sleep: three consequences

  • Lack of sleep slows thought processes, significantly reduces attention and concentration, which leads to the inability to solve logical problems.In addition, it becomes more difficult to make the right decisions, as is much harder to assess the situation correctly.
  • lack of sleep impairs memory.Scientists believe that the neural connections necessary for me
    mory, formed and consolidated during sleep.The different phases of sleep play a certain role in the process of storing information.If short sleep or constantly interrupted, memory cycle is broken.Reduced attention and concentration memory loss worsen during the day.
  • learning ability decreases If lack of sleep.First, the weakening of the concentration prevents the isolation of the desired information.Second, memory impairment impairs the ability to absorb the material.In children, lack of sleep can cause hyperactivity, it also disrupts the learning process.

When lack of sleep kills

Slow reaction can be deadly if you're driving.Status sleepiness equates to 0.08% blood alcohol.Sleepy as a drunk driver is not able to react quickly to a dangerous situation, so these two states are the most common causes of road accidents.

Furthermore, deadly lack of sleep can be for people whose profession requires quick decision making - firefighters, police officers, soldiers.

little sleep - get depressed

Lack of sleep greatly affects our mood, causing irritability, nervousness, reduces the ability to cope with stress.In addition, we have much less pleasure from eating, socializing, sports, sex.A person becomes aggressive and unrestrained.The researchers found that most of quarrels, fights and skirmishes in traffic jams and queues are started by people chronically enough sleep.

The amount of sleep needed, individually.To find out if you sleep enough, you need to ask yourself whether you feel refreshed after sleeping, energetic throughout the day and sleepy closer to the night.

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