Useful properties of tea : black , green, and other

Useful properties of tea : black , green, and other
Since ancient times, Chinese emperors used the useful properties of tea for their own benefit, while for Europeans for many years tea remained only a delicious drink.It's time to get back to basics and learn about the beneficial properties of different varieties of tea.

Black tea: courage and imagination

Black tea is the most popular and common varieties of tea worldwide.Literally every second in all parts of the globe to drink at least one cup of black tea.In

tea, like coffee, it contains caffeine, but its concentration is significantly lower.This explains the most useful properties of the drink.

Black tea has the ability to enhance the functioning of the kidneys and digestive system.In addition, caffeine stimulates also the cardiovascular system.

If you smoke, tea rinse after each smoked cigarette will get rid of the smell, and will take over the destruction of disease-causing bacteria.

Chinese emperors believed tea drink longevity, and this statement is hardly unreasonable.Black tea enhances

cerebral blood flow, which is one of the preventive agents for stroke.

During a leisurely tea in the brain receives more oxygen, which is not in the least affect the improvement of health.

representatives of the fair half of mankind since ancient times is well aware that the packs of black tea can help relieve fatigue and swelling of the eyes: it will be enough just ten minutes, and whatever you are tired, in your eyes that will not be noticeable.

There is a belief that a glass of black tea stimulates mental activity and has a positive effect on the imagination.Be that as it may, the creative person can try to imagine this method on an appeal such a capricious person, as the muse.

Green tea: youth, beauty and health

Green tea is a real elixir of youth and beauty.It is noteworthy, that the sources of teas may be the same tea bushes, but the difference is in the method of processing the leaves of the bushes.

Unlike black tea, green tea does not undergo a process of fermentation and withering, and so it becomes possible to maintain a maximum of useful substances for the health.

Everyone knows that with a lack of essential vitamin C should be given citrus fruits, but green tea contains the vitamin several times larger.Vitamin C boosts the immune system, making a person more resistant to a variety of viral diseases and infections.

high content of vitamin P in green tea improves the elasticity of blood vessels, positively affecting the circulatory system.

The content of catechins helps control blood sugar levels, and iodine supports thyroid function.

To disinfect the oral cavity, periodontal disease and caries prevention recommended to regularly rinse your mouth freshly green tea.

Special attention is given use of this drink for weight loss: green tea displays the body of various toxins and speeds up the metabolism, which leads to a splitting of unwanted fat deposits.

avoid a hangover is to drink quite a few cups of green tea.

in Beauty green tea is also widespread: on this basis produced a lot of cosmetic products.It is believed that green tea improves the complexion, keeps you young and healthy skin, slowing down the aging process.

It should be noted that it is recommended to drink the drink without adding sugar and milk: so you can achieve the maximum preservation of nutrients.

White tea: White teeth

According to legend, one of the Middle Kingdom rulers became the pioneer of white tea by accident: in a cup of hot water fell only a few sheets with the tea bush, the emperor is so fond of this taste, which he commanded to do the cultivation of just suchtea.

distinctive feature of this white tea is the fact that only in China made the original beverage.

fact, white tea is dried young shoots of the tea bush: most of the two-leaf and not fully disclose the kidney.It is in this grade and contains a large concentration of invigorating substances.

Unlike green tea, white does not pass the heat treatment process, which makes all nutrients more intact.

The white tea contains some caffeine, amino acids, and various trace elements, niacin, and ascorbic acid and B vitamins

For those who want to lose weight, this drink will be very useful.In addition, white tea improves the color and condition of teeth, leads to normal cardiovascular system and promotes the excretion of various poisons.

Get this white tea - the process is quite troublesome, but useful properties are maintained for a few months.For this reason, the original Chinese beverage purchase is not always possible, and the cost will be very large.

Oolong tea: the effective work of the heart

As historians say, the appearance of his red tea is also obliged to chance: one day there was a significant rise in temperature and a long time there was a fog, causing the tea is too dry and it soprel much more than needed.

Actually, it is this preparation technology distinguishes this tea from other varieties.The fermentation of this tea takes place in one step, making it possible not only to the preservation of many nutrients, but also the emergence of new ones.

Oolong tea has beneficial effects on the microflora, and among the nutrients can be noted polyphenols, amino acids, vitamins and sugar.

noteworthy that oolong tea contains caffeine, while the antioxidant content contributes significantly stimulate the heart.The drink is able to facilitate the digestion of very fatty foods, as well as to increase the activity of the gall bladder.

However, oolong tea is not recommended for use during pregnancy and young children, is due precisely to the active influence on the nervous system and metabolism.

Do not mix the tea with milk is much better to add a spoonful of honey or a small amount of cinnamon, which not only give the drink an amazing taste, but also greatly enhance the valuable natural properties.

Yellow tea: sharp sight

Yellow tea is sometimes referred to also drink the emperor, which is due to the fact that over a long period of time, this variety was available only to the ruler of the Middle Kingdom, and his entourage.

This tea - the most expensive in the world, and until the nineteenth century, Europeans drink sale was strictly forbidden.Once the sale of yellow tea quartered in-law of the emperor himself.

If we talk about the system of production of tea, the variety is intermediate between white and oolong teas.The high cost of this drink should be related to the fact that all stages of production take place in manual mode.

Useful properties of yellow tea are similar to the properties of white tea.In addition, such a beverage is recommended for treatment of various skin diseases and also has the ability to decrease blood pressure.

It should be noted that the caffeine it contains more, for this reason, yellow tea is so refreshing.Some experts recommend taking at least drink a glass a day for vision improvement.

Puer: not only intoxication

This ancient beverage Chinese themselves call "tea from hundred diseases."Last time in our country, this tea is becoming increasingly popular because of the easy effect of intoxication, which gives the drink.Of course, the people of China Puer valued not for it.

Puer This can cost a fortune, in fact, like a high-quality wine, with age it only gets better.Drink ten extracts cost rather big sum, and in China the tea smaller lifetime is not considered Puer.It is noteworthy that this tea also may be either white or green or black.

number of useful properties of this drink is truly admirable: to list them would take time, so we mention only the most basic.

It is this tea is the only one that allowed for people suffering from stomach ulcers and bowel.

Puer reduces blood viscosity, lowers the level of sugar in it, and normalizes cholesterol.

believed that use of the beverage reduces the risk of tumors and besides, pu-erh able to neutralize the harmful effects of cigarettes.And, until recently, in Europe, this tea is sold in pharmacies, because Puer good also for weight loss.

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