Diabetes : five danger signs

Among the manifestations of diabetes include 5 threatening symptoms, in the event that should immediately consult your doctor.

To maintain a normal quality of life of patients with diabetes should carry out constant self-control.When one of the danger signs listed below, you must consult your doctor immediately.

Frequent urination, excessive thirst or hunger, blurred vision

if you experience any of these symptoms in the first place an urgent need to measure blood sugar levels and seek medical advice.

Depending on how your blood sugar levels higher than normal, you may need drug correction, in more severe cases - hospitalization for measures to restore water balance, blood glucose and electrolytes - sometimes these patients are forced to lie on a drip all day.After all, high blood sugar can lead to life-threatening.

Thus, in type 1 diabetes can develop diabetic ketoacidosis - the body in large quantities breaks down fats, toxic ketones (acetone), accumulate in the blood.But in type 2 diabetes can

occur hyperosmolar coma - loss of consciousness with severe dehydration.


Unusual behavior that is similar to the state of intoxication, may be a sign of low blood sugar.This can happen if you take too much drugs lowered blood sugar levels.In this case, a glass of juice or a piece of chocolate will help to raise blood sugar levels, and the state will improve.However, very often the patient himself is unable to observe the changes that may result in further inhibition of consciousness, even coma.

infections, bleeding gums, ulceration stop

When bleeding gums, abscesses or non-healing cuts urgent need to consult a doctor.In addition, people suffering from diabetes, it is extremely important to monitor the condition of the leg skin, especially the feet.It is necessary to wash your feet every day with warm (not hot) water and be sure to lubricate the skin after moisturizer.The appearance of any ulceration of the skin on the feet should be alerted - this may be the first sign of diabetic foot.

common problem in diabetes is a fungal infection.The fact that high blood sugar operation suppresses white blood cells that protect the body against infection.Therefore it is necessary to remember the first sign of a fungal infection - redness and itching in the skin folds (eg, between the toes).

Violation of

People suffering from diabetes mellitus, subject to the emergence of such complications as diabetic retinopathy, which can lead to blindness.Therefore, when a blurred vision, pain in the eyes, flashing "flies" you must consult your doctor immediately.Also, be sure to consult once a year by an ophthalmologist.

Symptoms defeat

heart Diabetes is one of the most important risk factors for heart attacks and strokes.Therefore, you need to know about the symptoms that suggest heart lesions.For example, a heart attack is not always manifested by pains in the heart, it can often be a pain or a "buzz" in the left shoulder or arm.Nausea and vomiting may also be signs of disease

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