Lack of sleep leads to obesity

Lack of sleep violate the metabolism and nutrition, thus leading to an increase in weight.

Think.EsliVynevyspalis.So, to cheer on the work you are constantly putting on small coffee breaks, supplementing it with a donut or a chocolate bar for a quick brain recharge.Field work, you feel overwhelmed and miss fitness or pool or replacing a walk up to the house on a minibus and nutritious sandwich as cook very reluctant.When you finally get to bed, you find that it is too want to sleep, watch a movie or sit up on the internet and ... .Turn not get enough sleep.It's a vicious circle.Lack of sleep knocks daily cycle violates diet and, as a consequence, leads to obesity.

Sleep reduces the feeling of hunger.

Now, in many glossy magazines is written that you can start to drop extra weight just by increasing sleep duration.How does it actually work?

«If you get enough sleep, the extra hours of sleep will not help you lose weight.However, if you regularly do not get enough sleep, your metabolism is disturbed

and its restoration must begin with sleep hygiene "- explains M. Breus, author of" The Perfect Sleep ".We need to sleep an average of 7.5 hours.If you sleep only 5 hours, increasing the amount of sleep to 7, you start to lose weight.

How sleep affects our appetite?It turns out that these two processes are linked by two hormones: ghrelin and leptin.Grelin- hunger hormone increases appetite.Scientists have shown elevated levels of ghrelin during sleep deprivation.Leptin, a hormone adipose tissue, in contrast, reduces hunger, causes saturation, and the shortage of sleep significantly reduces its level.An imbalance of these hormones leading to an increased appetite, slowing metabolism, and as a consequence of obesity.

What you need to do to lose weight?

In fact, everything depends not so much on quantity.How much of the quality of sleep.Young mother can sleep at 4:00, and at the same time its metabolism is not broken.In contrast, people with sleep disorders (sleep apnea, narcolepsy) during sleep 7-8 hours will feel absolutely no sleep.

To begin, it is necessary to exclude all stimulants such as caffeine, afternoon, since this leads to disruption of nocturnal sleep.In addition, the necessary physical activity and exercise during the day, although just before bedtime is best not to overload yourself, as this also violates the process of falling asleep.

Pay attention to what you eat before bedtime.Pizza, beer, chips - not the best option.Overeating before bed very quickly leads to weight gain also increases the risk of acid reflux, which will interfere with sleep throughout the night.Light yogurt, yogurt, granola great option light dinner before going to bed.

However, if in spite of all these conditions, a sufficient number of hours of sleep, you still do not get enough sleep and feel overwhelmed in the morning, you need to see a doctor, perhaps you have a serious sleep disorder that will require further examination and treatment.

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