8 Simple and delicious ways to make meals healthier

8 Simple and delicious ways to make meals healthier
If you completely change your eating habits is difficult to you, take advantage of our recommendations.These are simple ways to make food healthier, but no less delicious.

1. Click on whole grain bread

If you are used to bread, at one point to give it up for the sake of the diet is not easy.It does not necessarily do so.

need only be found in whole grain bread sales.This bread is good for health due to the fiber content.A useful substitute for white bread becomes the bread with bran or bread made from flour of 2nd grade.The general rule is: the less processed flour is subjected to, the more useful product.

2. Use healthier cooking methods

If you are very fond of, for example, cutlets of pork mince and just can not refuse them, at least not cook them in a pan, and a pair or in the oven without oil.

In general, try to completely move away from the cooking, this method makes it less useful, even the most healthy foods.Use stewing, steaming, roasting, grill.

3. Replace mayonnaise to more useful sa

If you're used to everything, basting sauces, choose healthier.Sauces based on mayonnaise, replace the tomato, soy and balsamic.Choice of sauces in modern stores is huge.

choosing, be sure to look at the calorie content of the product.We often do this with the main dishes, but almost never delve into calorie sauces.

5. Use sugar and bananas instead of eggs

Pastries, too, can be made more useful.You can completely give up sugar and halve the number of eggs in the test, if it add bananas.However, in this case, be sure to use baking powder to help the dough rise.

There are many other useful options for replacements.For example, based on cakes of grated carrots, pumpkin puree and so on.Many flavors will surprise you very much, just try.

6. Use only the egg whites

and baking, and try to use only the whites for omelets.That yolk - the most difficult to digest food.Of course, this way of using eggs more expensive, but much more useful.

7. Experiment with spices

Successfully matched the taste of spices can make appetizing virtually any product, replacing the harmful fatty sauces or fried crust.Find your ideal seasoning for rice, pasta, potatoes, meat, chicken.If possible, buy fresh spices on the market.

8. Look to the national dishes

Anyone who decides to go on a healthy diet, is faced with the problem of a sharp reduction in the usual range of dishes.It happens that the revision of the daily lunch and dinner leads to the fact that the criteria for "healthy food" is only suitable baked chicken breast and braised cabbage.Proper nutrition is just seems boring and monotonous.

good option - new solutions among the national cuisine.You can simply search for recipes on special websites, and you can arrange a weekly trip to the café, offering Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Czech cuisine.

Each restaurant ask the waiter to recommend the most healthy dishes and favorite recipes you can easily find on the Internet, then to cook at home.

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