Hepatitis C is not a death sentence

Viral hepatitis - a very severe worldwide problem.The effectiveness of the treatment of the disease, and patients' quality of life depends on many factors.

People with hepatitis C, it is very important to monitor their health daily and hourly.The only way you can protect your liver from unwanted complications and feel good.

Patients with hepatitis B should ensure that they eat, eat healthy and balanced.There are some guidelines that the patient must always keep in mind.

Avoid other diseases

We must remember that a weakened liver can attack and other hepatitis viruses.And it poses a threat to the patient.Therefore, in consultation with your doctor, you need to be vaccinated against these viruses.

You have to be very careful, to make contact, including sex.Infections, sexually transmitted infections, the immune system can significantly reduce the already diseased organism.

Follow bedtime

Usually, people who are diagnosed with "hepatitis C", sleep poorly and rarely get enough sleep."Insom

nia can be safely regarded as a side effect of the treatment of hepatitis C," - said Dr. David Thomas, professor of medical school at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (Maryland, USA).In practice, it happened that patients are not told about this symptom, considering it important enough.Although the fact that the patient does not sleep enough time, can adversely affect the course of his treatment.Many secondary symptoms of hepatitis C, such as fatigue, lethargy, lack of sleep are also symptoms.They go hand in hand with each other and affect the general condition of the patient.

cure for insomnia caused by the treatment of hepatitis C, no.To improve the quality of sleep is useful to follow the general recommendations:

- take a warm relaxing bath in the evening;

- do not overeat before going to bed;

- if sleep still does not work, you can take regular medication for insomnia.

Remember reduced liver function

Taking medication should be very careful.Be sure to consult with your doctor and find out what pills can be taken, even if it comes from the common cold preparations.Even the most primitive analgesics can be toxic if taken together with drugs indicated for the treatment of hepatitis.Admission vitamins in high doses can be harmful.Precautions should be taken to receive medical herbs - for people with a diseased liver, they can become a powerful drug and cause real harm.If the patient smokes, you must make every effort to get rid of this bad habit.


auchitsya relax


Living with this disease is difficult.The strict regime of the day, taking hard drugs and a strict diet - all affect the patient's mood.In these circumstances, it is important to learn to relax properly.Therefore it is necessary to spend more time with friends, not close in themselves, try to have fun as much as you can walk.

... and think positively

Of course, this statement of the diagnosis changes the life of each person.But, oddly enough, often in a positive way.People look at your life, health, understand what really matters to them and what is not.Begin to look after themselves.The majority of patients with a diagnosis of "hepatitis C", performing all the recommendations of doctors, live long, and their quality of life is not reduced.

It is important to remember, and in any case does not fall into despair.

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