3 and 7 secret ingredient of popular products that cause obesity

3 and 7 secret ingredient of popular products that cause obesity
Have you ever wondered why we like certain foods?Why do we get used to a certain type of breakfast cereals, prefer a particular variety of ice cream or cheese, take it to the counter, this ketchup, and not some other?

Pulitzer Prize-winning author ¬ęsalt, sugar and fat" book Michael Moss held a large-scale research and found out that our choice is not accidental.

Three ingredient

Titans food industry can significantly heat up the desire of buyers with just three components.

Sol, which is processed in many ways, increases the pleasant taste;fats so like our body that imperceptibly incline us to abuse of high-calorie food;and sugar instantly excites brain cells responsible for pleasure.

We really taste the finished food and semi-finished products, because they combine all these ingredients, and even in large quantities.But what is the result?Obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and stomach ...

If you want to avoid health problems, the following seven products lean not exactly be.

preparing breakfast

Once John Kellogg, College of Medicine student at Bellevue Hospital in New York, noted that fatty foods cause people stomach pain and indigestion.

Back home in Michigan, he decided to lead a small medical facility, which renamed the Battle Creek Sanatorium.There Kellogg introduced a strict diet to exclude from the diet of salty, sweet and too fatty food.In 1894 he created the flakes of cereal, and guests of the resort reacted well to the new breakfast.

But one day the younger brother of John Will, whose profits were interested in much more than the use of added sugar in the flakes.From this innovation, patients were delighted.So there were a sweet breakfast.

Today, researchers know that sugar excites our brain area responsible for pleasure - the same that are activated when drug use.And get used to the sweet - it's not a myth.The more sugar we eat, the more we want.Unfortunately, we sit down to a certain level of sweetness and more natural food begins to seem fresh.

Sweet drinks

With fluids is worse than the solid food.Scientists conducted a study to find out how sweet soda affects the weight of people.Within three weeks, the subjects received about a liter of soda water.Both sexes gained approximately 750 grams (per year this would be about 12 kg).

fact that soda contains too much sugar, but our body can not always recognize calories in liquids.This causes disturbances in the regulatory mechanisms and triggers weight gain.


studying the composition of the product, the buyer struggling with excess weight, first of all looking at the amount of fat.And for good reason: it contains even more energy than sugar.

In addition, we do not feel the taste, if the fat is too much.This product will be much more attractive in texture and consistency.

manufacturers can only cheat that we had the impression that the product is non-greasy.

For example, in the 1960s, milk in the US was sold worse, because then people began to fear fatty foods.

dairy answer was: on the labels of milk with a slightly reduced fat content began to write "2%" or "lean."This "low-fat" milk has become very popular.

But here's the catch: "2%" does not mean that eliminated 98% of fat as buyers thought.In fact, whole milk contains 3% fat.

Cheese Cream, cream and cream cheese, lunch kits with cheese, frozen pizza, cheese sauce, sandwiches - cheese in the food industry used to the full.

But that's mathematical data nutritionists: 15 kg of cheese contains about 60 thousand calories - that is enough to sustain the life of an adult human whole month.The same volume contained 3100 g of saturated fat.This is more than half of what is recommended to use for a year.

Cheese safely be called one of the main culprits of obesity, though not the only one.

Chocolate bars

It's not just the amount of sugar going wild.Confectionery bars, as well as many other sweets contain much fat.These ingredients are dangerous and individually, but together have an invincible force.Experiments have shown that the more in the sugar product, the less we feel the presence of fat.They mask each other!Therefore

finished products manufacturers generously added and that, and another, no fear of causing outrage customers.

way, food technologists have long known that there is sugar "bliss point."This means that the sweetness of the product can not improve indefinitely, otherwise the taste of the food stops like us.But at this point there is no fat.

Meat semifinished

Their taste would be disgusting if not salt.That allows it to kill a rancid taste.

The same salt is dangerous?The fact that it is - a source of sodium, which causes high blood pressure.But only if you use it in unlimited quantities.The problem is just that the food manufacturers sypyat salt bags food.The average person eats per day up to 20 times more sodium than necessary.

And if icky cheap meat and add more fat, you can not tell this is not really a piece of cake from a luxury delicatessen.Of course, big companies use it.You did not know?


Studies show that any of the products from potatoes leads to weight gain, including mashed potatoes and fries.But the main cause of obesity - potato chips..

Chips stuffed with fat and salt - ingredients that cause us a sense of bliss.Therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that we can not stop trying one slice.

Furthermore, potato starch contains."Starch is absorbed rapidly, - explains Eric Rimm, associate professor of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard Institute of Health.- Even faster than a similar amount of sugar.It causes a sharp rise in blood glucose. "This phenomenon provokes overeating not only during, but also for several hours after consumption chips.

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