5 products , the use of which is greatly exaggerated

5 products , the use of which is greatly exaggerated
eat healthy food - a laudable aspiration.But what we are based, making a conclusion about the benefits or harm of a product?In fact, we often believe advertising or stamp of the media and do not think about how things are in reality.

Introducing the five foods that benefit is not so great as you thought.

Fruit juices

juices contain much more sugar than we usually present.And not only packaged juices, and fresh.

small glass of orange juice - these are the same three oranges, and it is so easy to drink.Here are just sugar from three oranges in it concentrated and useful fiber is almost absent.

Muesli and oatmeal

oat flakes or muesli with milk are considered the benchmark of a healthy breakfast.

In fact, fast food flakes from which we often cook porridge, contains negligible amounts of protein and fiber, but because of excessive treatment to which they are exposed for cooking speed, slow carbohydrates in their composition are converted into quick, digestible.

Within an hour or two after breakfas

t this hunger comes again.To prevent this, nutritionists recommend include a morning diet more protein.


How many people regularly eat is yogurt?Him and be found in Russian stores is not easy, it is stored for long, and cook at home in a special yogurt ready only a few.

However, advertising is actively promoting packaged and yoghurt as an example of a healthy diet.

In fact, this product has little in common with natural yoghurt - is a sweet dessert or a fermented beverage with the appropriate sugar as well as preservatives, colorants and flavorings, which usually does not contain probiotics useful.

Whole grains

most important thing - to realize that, when added to the classic white bread whole grain, it does not make the bread wholegrain.

The main difference from the usual whole-wheat bread is that used in its manufacture crude grain.Thus, flour from grains such all useful components.

But even a real whole wheat bread is useful not all: for some it causes a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, because the digestion of crude corn requires more resources.

The same can be said of the brown (brown) rice.He really useful usual white, it contains more nutrients, it is better suited to people who want to lose weight.However, it is not necessary to build this product on a pedestal.

Experts recommend eating brown rice is more than two times a week and completely avoid it for people who have a tendency to constipation.


Recently smoothies have become incredibly popular and are seen as an example of a healthy and tasty snack.

In fact, most of the smoothies, especially cooked not own, composed of sweet juice (not always fresh), cream, sugar and other additives are not the most useful.

Some smoothies, cooked in the cafe, can reach 600-800 calories per serving.

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