Large weight - a big problem

prostate cancer - one of the main causes of death in men around the world.Risk factors for the disease include age, family history, previous vasectomy, improper diet, lack of exercise and as a result, overweight.If we can not control your age and genetics, is able to control your weight, diet and exercise.The more that the latest scientific evidence suggests that overweight and obesity can contribute to speeding up the development of this deadly disease.

new study led by Dr. Christopher J.. Keto, head of the University Clinic of Oncology in the city of Durham, North Carolina.He and his colleagues studied 287 patients who had been removed immediately after prostate cancer detection.And although the operation was carried out on time, prostate cancer is still recur.Doctors continue to fight for the lives of their patients using hormone therapy, aimed at reducing the level of testosterone, which stimulates the growth of abnormal cells.

The average age of patients was 65 years and the average body mass in

dex (BMI) - 28.3, which corresponds to excess body weight.Some of the patients had a normal weight - their BMI was less than 25, but in a large group of BMI greater than 30, indicating severe obesity.Within 5 years of the state of health of the patients carefully observed.As a result, scientists have found that men who are overweight or obese is 5 times more likely to develop the process of metastasis, despite treatment.Similar results were published in 2007 in the journal Cancer.The article said even that overweight patients with prostate cancer five-year survival decreases by half.

Scientists can not explain the exact cause of the harmful effects of excess weight.One alternative explanation was insufficient dosage of medication for men with a higher body weight, others - associated with obesity increase of inflammatory proteins in the blood.But be that as it may, doubtless remains that overweight correction is an essential component of treatment and prevention of cancer of the prostate.

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