Acne is a child

Children tend to pustular diseases, bronchitis, anemia, frequent colds, violations chair.Unfortunately, other methods of forming an immune response to the impact of the outside world does not exist.

Acne child may occur for several reasons: allergies, thrush, goiter.Can not be of course, hormonal causes of acne in children, as is the case in adolescents.In turn, the allergy can manifest itself in the form of a diathesis, hives, dermatitis (contact allergy, allergic, atopic and perioral).It is advisable to understand that they reflect, and choose the treatment.

Pimples on the tongue of the child may appear for thrush.Thrush is a yeast oral candidiasis develops in young children.When thrush pimples and redness of the subject, not only in language, but also on the palate, gums and cheek areas.The most simple and effective treatment for lubrication of sodium tetraborate in the glycerol solution, it is sold in any drugstore (otherwise called "drill to glycerol").For the treatment need to wrap your index fi

nger with a bandage, moisten in a solution of borax and glycerin to treat the mouth of the child.It is better to do processing after feeding, to allow time for the impact, but carefully, so as not to cause a gag reflex in the baby.

Acne on the cheeks of the child may be a sign of perioral dermatitis, which most often occurs on the background of dysbiosis.Dysbacteriosis often accompanies soft body of a child, especially after antibiotic treatment.Due to the violation of the child's gut microflora can not work effectively as a result of having abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea or constipation.It is necessary to restore the balance, to conduct treatment with probiotics (Hilak, Linex, Atsipol, bifidumbakterin etc.) and enzymes.It is important to remember that in the intestine of 70% is formed immunity hence necessary to adjust its operation.Children dysbiosis and acne are connected directly, but sometimes they are caused by allergies, so you need to add to the treatment of Aerius syrup.

When perioral dermatitis, acne occur near the nose, in the nasolabial folds, and around the mouth, with virtually no skin redness around the pimples.In this case reasonably external treatment means.It is necessary to frequently wash the skin decoction of chamomile flowers, then dry, apply metrogil gel.It is necessary to pay attention to children's cosmetics, which is used for child care, as it is cosmetics can cause allergic reactions and perioral dermatitis.

Sometimes pimples become large, but they can not be opened, it will cause them to spread and can be dangerous.Better patient to perform all medical treatments and wait for them to heal.Sometimes bubbles do burst, they imply the serous fluid or pus and sores are formed.How to heal the wounds of acne?Main wash frequently with a disinfectant solution of chlorhexidine or furatsillina.You can then apply sintomitsinovoy emulsion, it dries and promotes healing.Sintomitsinovoy emulsion has a bitter taste you need to make sure that the kid did not touch, and then did not pull the handle into his mouth.You can cauterize the wound Zelenko.

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