A glass of soda a day leads to diabetes

Injury brings not only a sweet soda, and energy drinks, iced teas and other sugary drinks.

What could be wrong with a glass of cola?It is only 150 calories, they can be burned by a half-hour walk.Unfortunately, the sweet is harmful not only to the waist ...

study published in Diabetes Care , showed that daily habit to consume 1-2 cups of sweet drinks for more than a quarter of an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

On average, every tenth person eventually develop diabetes.And by universal uncontrolled abuse of sugary drinks increases the risk: the risk of developing one in eight people.

The study showed that soda increases the risk of metabolic disorders.In subjects showed high levels of triglycerides in the blood, so that one diabetes lovers of sugary drinks do not get rid of.

«It was previously shown that the consumption of sweetened beverages leads to obesity, - says the study's author, nutritionist Harvard University, Vasanthi Malik (Vasanti Malik).- It is logical that we have decided to

follow this trend more and evaluated the association with the development of diabetes. "

Scientists summarized 8 studies conducted earlier.They have collected enough data to confirm the connection drinking sweet drinks, diabetes and metabolic disorders.The largest study on diabetes in the United States, included 91,000 women 24 to 44 years.Surveillance was conducted for eight years.The study handshaking sugary drinks and excess weight was obtained.However, the increased risk of diabetes, even in normal weight subjects.

«There are other factors that lead to the development of diabetes, - said Malik, - in the first place, it is sharp fluctuations in glucose and insulin levels in the blood, especially when taking sugary drinks, when a large amount of sugar rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream."

Sharp fluctuations in blood glucose levels leads to the development of glucose intolerance, inflammation and high blood pressure, which ultimately leads to the development of diabetes.

corn syrup rich in fructose, even more dangerous than regular sugar, so it leads to rapid deposition of fat on the abdomen.

Scientists have shown that obesity is the upper part of the body is associated with an increase in blood pressure and the development of cardiovascular disease.

But what to do if the Americans love the sweet drinks?Since 1970's soda consumption has more than doubled from 65 to 142 kcal per day.Currently, the use of sugar-sweetened beverages continues to grow.Over time, this can lead to an epidemic of diabetes in the United States.The report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in May 2011, states that by 2050, one in three Americans sick with diabetes.

Such fears expressed co-author Frank Hu studies (Frank Hu), professor of nutrition and epidemiology at Harvard University.

In 2011, the Heart Association appealed to Americans to limit consumption of sugary drinks 450 calories a week (no more than 3 cans of cola).The statement also pointed to the need to respect diet (less than 2000 kcal per day).

Nutritionists urge to remember that while counting calories and helps keep track of weight, but the amount of calories does not reflect the real content of harmful substances in foods and beverages.In one jar of cola 330 ml contains 15 teaspoons of sugar, which can significantly disturb carbohydrate metabolism.

to unhealthy habit of sweet drinks are not limited to metabolic disorders and the risk of developing diabetes.

In 2004, a study published in Journal of the American Medical Association, revealed an increased risk of coronary heart disease by 35% with regular consumption of soda.Also, this habit leads to tooth decay and gout.It's time to think about their eating habits and priorities.

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