Acne after a month

Teenage acne are the result of a hormonal surge, which symbolizes the beginning of the transitional period, growing organism.

main culprits of acne formation of androgens, male sex hormones, they are produced in teenagers of both sexes.By participating in many processes in the body, hormones increase sebum production and change the composition of sebum, making it more viscous.A viscous, dense fat is easier to form a cork stuck in the ducts.So comedones are formed, then they become inflamed and acne.They can occur on the face, neck, chest and upper back.

most moral and physical suffering patients bring pimples on the face.They jump up suddenly and can sometimes reach alarming proportions.In any case they are much spoil the appearance and youthful creation rises and falls asleep with one thought: how to reduce acne.

treatment teenage acne on the face is reduced to reduce the greasiness of the skin and rapid elimination of the inflammatory cells.Of course, under normal operation of the gastrointestinal

tract and thyroid.Promotes rapid treatment suitable cosmetics, careful hygiene, a balanced diet, healthy sleep and fresh air.We emphasize quitting smoking, as nicotine spoils the skin and provoke acne.The positive effect is the sun's rays, so it is better to abandon the powder to the skin gets more sun and air.A thick layer of cream powder, which is applied for glossing over acne, strengthens the skin and looks unnatural.If you absolutely do without the powder you can not, then use loose powder, which has a drying effect.

To cleanse the skin prone to rashes recommended to use only low-fat cosmetics, does not clog pores.Cosmetics department offers a variety of products for problem skin care products for every taste and budget.In an extreme case, it is possible to wash with warm water and disinfectant soap (containing Triclosan) also twice daily.After washing, wipe the face with liquid disinfectant, it can be purchased at the pharmacy.Then put metrogil gel or gel is Kuriozin remedies for acne, promoting their rapid healing without scarring.Kuriozin more suitable for young skin.Cheaper option of treatment salitsilovo- zinc paste, but it is visible on the skin and less effective.One twice a week is recommended to make a mask with a cosmetic clay, it deeply cleans the skin, softens and soothes her.

pimples often occur before menstruation, this is confirmed by most of the girls and some of the adult females.This is due to increased levels of steroid hormones in the last phase of the menstrual cycle.With age, the monthly hormonal fluctuations are rhythmic, debug, and cease to cause acne.Acne after menstruation likely drawn-out process of their maturation.In this case, you need to add to the treatment of the reception means, strengthens the immune system (tinrostim, gumivit) and vitamins in the complex, suitable for age.Eruptions on the chin acne often indicate gynecological problem that requires a serious relationship.

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