Pimples on the nose

Pimples on the nose can be in adolescents and adults.If young creatures can not particularly worry and just follow the purity of the skin, so she was breathing, the adults need to pay serious attention to the problem.

If adult pimple on the nose does not pass it is necessary to consult a dermatologist, who will help to understand the causes and prescribe the correct treatment.Red, white, purulent acne is a manifestation of acne.

Red pimples on the nose there are around inflamed comedones.On the skin there are purple-red painful nodes that long to be opened.The healing comes slowly and ends with the formation of scars.These swollen nodes may merge, forming konglobatnye (heaped) eels, which are more common in men.They may have a plurality of apertures through which sanies allocated.But conglobata acne on the nose are formed rarely, the most characteristic of them are localized on the sides of the cheeks, neck, chest and back.

White spots on the nose, or the Corn Bunting, are white dense nodules under t

he skin, sometimes reaching the size of a pinhead.They are accompanied by inflammatory processes, although they are not inflamed.The surest way to remove them electrocoagulation.

Purulent pimples on the nose is obstructed staphylococcus red pimples.At the same time on top of the pimple is formed purulent bubble.nose area has many nerve endings, it is highly sensitive, so painful pimples occur.It is important to begin treatment in the early stages of their formation.In addition, it is believed that the tip of the nose localized acne in patients with heart and liver diseases.

Another reason for the large pimples on the nose can be pink acne rosacea disease.Its occurrence involved a tick-Zheleznitsa which is saprophytic (natural) skin parasite.Prolonged inflammation and venous stasis skin coarsens, thickens appear uneven bulging, rhinophyma (pineal nose) may develop.mite activity increases against the backdrop of gastrointestinal disorders and neuro-endocrine regulation.Simply put, you need to avoid the food (and other) poisoning, nervous breakdowns or stress, take care of the thyroid and hormonal status in general.These are the main causes of pimples on the nose, the list goes on.If there is chronic heart and liver disease, it is necessary to carry out their treatment.

Regardless of the form and stage of disease, patient care, how to cure acne on the nose alone.When inflammation or purulent acne treatment must be comprehensive.Inside Trichopolum take 2 tablets 2 times a day for half an hour before a meal, a course of 10 days.At the same time apply external treatment metrogil gel twice a day, after a thorough cleansing of the skin cautious.At the low efficiency of the treatment go on antibiotics: JUnidoks inward and outward Dalatsin also strictly after cleansing and disinfection.When the red, inflamed pimples useful cooling lotions from oak bark, roots calamus and Tsindol talker.Part of the treatment should be taking vitamins, it is better to choose complex, suitable age and sedatives (new Pass afobazol).Immediately stop smoking if you smoke.Remember, our skin is the mirror of health.

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