Pimples on the shoulders

Pimples on the shoulders of delivering a lot of trouble, from the friction of the clothes they irritate, to treat them too uncomfortable.

One of the main reasons why there are spots, is the microflora of the skin and hair follicles.It consists of bacteria, fungi and mites that normally live on the skin without causing disease.In some people, the individual composition of the saprophytic flora provokes the formation of acne at the slightest changes in the external or internal environment.Localization pimples usually on the face, neck, upper back, chest and shoulders.The skin on the shoulders is most exposed to friction, squeezing clothes, so it is more susceptible to inflammation.Under certain circumstances, settle on the skin and other bacteria, uncharacteristic of normal composition of microflora, and they can also cause the appearance of acne on the shoulders.

Treatment of acne on the shoulders of conduct means that are quickly absorbed and does not stain clothes.A cotton swab dipped in a 3% levomit

setinovom alcohol, rubbed shoulders skin 2-3 times a day.After drying the coated salitsilovo- zinc paste (with little pimples) or Zener.Very useful gadgets from oak bark.At the same time, try to understand why there are spots on the shoulders, to get rid of them forever.Carefully consider your lifestyle.Is there enough in it of hygiene, fresh air, good nutrition, healthy sleep?None whether gastrointestinal disease and stress?No whether the nicotine skin main enemy?

One of the ways to remove pimples from her shoulders, already described.If the effect is insufficient, it is added to the treatment of topically metrogil gel twice a day, after drying zinerita and inside doxycycline 2 times a day for 10 days and immune dekaris 150mg twice a week, for seven weeks.If during treatment will be felt dryness and tightening of the skin, then replace Zener salitsilovo- zinc ointment.Recommended intake of vitamins Aevitum for 1 month.

If on the shoulders of the white spots are present on a par with red, sore treatment is common, taking into account the regulation saloobrazovaniya.External treatment does not affect the formation of sebum.Detergents (detergents for oily skin) only temporarily reduces the greasiness of the skin.Often people with increased skin greasiness has seborrhea and hormonal disorders.In such cases, the system needs a means influencing the process sebaceous excretions, reducing sebum production.It is the male and female sex hormones (androgens and estrogens), spironolactone isotretinoin.These drugs should be used by a doctor, as they have many side effects and contraindications.It is known that diseases associated with hormones, worsen the condition of acne and always cause increased skin greasiness.Consequently, the need to consult not only the dermatologist, and endocrinologist, and further for female gynecologist, urologist for men or andrologist.

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