Acne on his toes

Localization feet acne on your fingers is not characteristic of normal acne.Acne on the legs of the child rather indicate the presence of atopic dermatitis or other diseases, which will help identify the doctor.

Atopic dermatitis is an allergic nature and usually begins in childhood.Young children often observed eczematous form.Against the background of redness blisters appear on the face (in the cheeks and forehead), they continue to apply to the skin of the neck, head, trunk and extremities.Blisters often burst, and there is oozing, sometimes with ichor.Since eczema is accompanied by severe itching, children combed pockets, and thus created the conditions for entry of infection.The later in childhood and in adults the process often takes place in the form of neurodermatitis, wherein inflammatory lesions are mostly located on the extremities.The cause of acne on the toes can be insect bites or a form of mange.

If pimples are gone themselves, without treatment, it can be assumed of allergic origin, be

cause allergic reactions stop when removing the contact with the allergen.On the other hand, if the contact with the allergen continues - treatment of skin reactions does not give the desired result in this case does not heal pimple.To assist antipruritic actions prescribed antihistamines, in particular ketotifen.Externally applied hormonal creams (Lorinden, flutsinar, ftorokort) rate, then use zinc-salicylic ointment or paste.Antibiotics for dermatitis used inappropriate, as it can lead to more allergies, but the stratification of the bacterial infection is prescribed orally or by injection appropriate antibiotics:. Erythromycin, azithromycin, etc.

In moderate cases of inflammation apply metronidazole acne: the interior of 2 tablets 2 timesdaily, a course of 10 days, and externally - metrogil gel 2 times a day.This is a common treatment regimen.There is the most effective means for the treatment of acne on his feet: benzoyl peroxide 5% and 10% gel (Benzakne).The drug has an antibacterial effect, oxygenates tissues, accelerates the process of granulation of ulcers and other injuries of the lower extremities.5% gel is applied one time per day.In more severe cases in two to three weeks of application moving to a 10% gel.It is important to remember that acne is not squeezed, it's inflammatory nodules.

great importance for the patient is clothing.On the site of the lesion may be contacted only cotton fabrics.It is necessary to deal with sweating as sweating dramatically increases the itching, avoid too frequent washing with hot water and soap affected skin.Wash the skin with dermatitis should be no more than 1-2 times a week with warm water and baby soap.Insect bites are treated with special means: Psili Balm, fenistil gel, they quickly relieve itching and burning, reduce the inflammatory response.

Scabies is treated by various means, depending on the degree of symptoms.Priority means - benzyl (ointment 10 and 20%, gel and emulsion), effective against scabies.The drug is rubbed into the skin twice for 10 minutes with a 10 minute break for two consecutive days.After processing, change underwear and bed linen.On the third day the patient to clean and change the linen again.Before starting treatment it is advisable to take a hot shower or a bath with a washcloth and soap for mechanical removal of ticks from the surface of the skin, as well as the loosening of the surface layer of the skin that will facilitate penetration of the drug.

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