Color blindness : what it is

Color blindness : what it is
Color blindness, or color blindness - the inability to distinguish colors, mostly blue and green.Less common achromatopsia, in which a person can not distinguish colors at all.

color blindness called any color perception problems.It can cause many problems.So, it hinders learning and prevents build a career.However, people who are color blind can learn to compensate for this lack of vision.

Blindness: Causes

most common cause of color blindness - the genetic, iepredisposition to disease is laid on an embryonic stage.Cases of congenital color blindness.

The human eye has three types of light-sensitive pigments: red, green and blue.Colors are formed by refraction of light in them.The more sensitive pigments, the more colors can distinguish people.Most of the light-sensitive bulbs is in the macula (the central retina) of the eye.

Blindness develops in the case, if at least one of these pigments may stop functioning.In this case, the eye loses its ability to distinguish shades of dead cones.

Fortunately, blindness is not always inherited.In some cases, it is an acquired disease.The reasons could be:

  • aging;
  • eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, or diabetic retinopathy;
  • eye injuries;
  • side effects of some medications.


symptoms Symptoms of color blindness are:

  • inability to distinguish between certain colors;
  • inability to distinguish between shades of the same color;
  • you see the world in black and white.

How to diagnose colorblindness

To see if you are really sick color blind, you should see a specialist, who in turn will offer you to pass the following tests.

  1. Find the colored picture letter or number.The color, which you can not find the object, you will likely not see.
  2. Line up the colored chips for koloricheskoy scale.People with sight problems can not do.

Treatment colorblindness

In the case of hereditary color blindness disease is not treatable.If the acquired color blindness, then, depending on its causes, it can be completely cured, or at least reduce the symptoms.For example, if the cause of color blindness is cataract surgery to remove it will help to restore normal vision.

color blindness can also reduce the symptoms of wearing colored lenses or anti-glare glasses.Also, inconvenience caused by the disease, can be compensated, for example, due to the fact that the object to orient in searching the attributes such as brightness and location.

How to help your child-colorblind

Vision problems can seriously degrade the life of a child.Because of them, it will have difficulty in learning that inevitably entail a low mark and, consequently, low self-esteem.

How to prevent it?You must do the following:

  • watch the baby eyesight.The sooner you identify problems, the less it will suffer in the future;
  • report the child's school staff problems, which he visits, offer to transplant it to a place in the classroom, so he did not see the glare on the blackboard, chalk buy a color that distinguishes a good kid.

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