Acne on the face of 30 years

If spots appear in adolescents 15 to 24 years is not alarming, since it reflects the natural maturation processes.The main thing to keep them under control, to process was easy and uncomplicated.If the pimples on the face of 30 years, there is reason to think about their health.

necessary to undergo a medical examination, to consult not only the dermatologist and a gynecologist, gastroenterologist, and possibly other experts.Note the most likely causes of acne in adults.

The most widespread cause of acne disorders of the digestive system, the presence of constipation.This slows down the exchange of products and enhanced the absorption of toxins in the blood, which then has a negative impact on the skin.Poor nutrition leads to many failures, including to enhance the secretion of the glands, and sebaceous too.Allergic diseases are accompanied by the appearance of acne.The presence of gynecological diseases directly related to the appearance of pimples, especially on the chin.

At the same time, acne on

the temples and forehead in women may reflect hormonal imbalances or fluctuations associated with the menstrual cycle.In addition, sudden changes in hormonal levels can be used during pregnancy or post-abortion and cause acne.Sometimes, when you cancel the previously received hormonal contraceptives also pimples.In adult men acne on the temples and forehead may indicate a sharp fluctuation amount of testosterone in the blood.As regards the hormonal imbalance, requires qualified treatment, independently of such a question can not be solved.

Pimples on the scalp as a complication appearing in patients with seborrhea.Seborrhea is a disease of the whole organism, in which the altered secretion of the sebaceous glands and the chemical composition of sebum due to imbalance of estrogens and androgens.Variations in the composition of sebum leads to the suppression of its bactericidal properties and the creation of favorable conditions for breeding in the glands of various microflora.Microorganisms can cause an acute inflammatory reaction of the skin and acne formation.

The good news is that the treatment of acne and seborrhea coincide in many respects.The skin, in any case clean foaming cleanser or shampoo wash head.Then wipe levomitsetinovym alcohol or chlorhexidine.Salicyl alcohol can be used, it reduces sebum.Sometimes used a tincture of propolis acne.Propolis has a strong anti-inflammatory action, effective for wounds, burns and pyoderma (pustular skin diseases).Propolis tincture is widely used in dentistry and surgery.If the acne is caused by pyogenic microorganisms, the propolis tincture to be effective.After wiping with disinfectant solution is applied metrogil gel (twice a day, morning and evening).For oily seborrhea applied to the face whipped into a foam shampoo ketoconazole for 3 minutes, then wash, soak a cloth and only then smeared metrogilom.

One of the causes of acne in adults can be an individual composition of microflora, which under certain conditions causes a rash.If the efforts made for the treatment of acne has not improved the situation do not waste time, consult a dermatologist.

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