Acne on the face and neck

Pimples are the same acne is only superficial, shallow, often with small blisters on top.The vast majority of teens are familiar with this problem, to a lesser extent it is found in adults.

rash may appear on the face and neck, chest and upper back.Their causes are several, but in the first place a hormonal imbalance.Acne on the face and neck can occur when there is insufficient skin care.It is important to remember that any remedial measures or the most expensive tools will not help without a thorough daily care for problem skin.If the nose popped a pimple or pimples on the face boljuchih should immediately strengthen the daily skin care, without the "output" and "holidays┬╗

Daily care consists of cleansing, toning and moisturizing morning and evening.Treatment of acne lesions conducted on treated skin.On the morning of the skin should be cleaned with a washing gel, a cream or a cosmetic soap.Then apply a moisturizer for oily skin or a hydrogel.In the evening, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned, b

ecause cleaning is the most important action of oily skin, as excess fat creates a favorable environment for bacteria, which causes the appearance of pimples.While oily skin to maintain in good form is not so simple, it has its advantages.It is insensitive, so harmful external influences do not grow old before her time.In a healthy state of such skin has very good barrier function blocks the penetration of harmful substances from the outside, does not allow moisture to evaporate from the skin surface.The disadvantages of oily skin is oily shine and remarkable large pores, which are designed to neutralize the correct regular care and cosmetics.

Individual patients pimples on the face can be treated at home.Make a lotion of herbs: calendula, sage, chamomile, and wipe the skin after cleaning procedures.Then apply an excellent remedy against acne on the face Kuriozin gel that contains hyaluronic acid and zinc.Hyaluronic acid is a component of many well-known cosmetics, it improves the microcirculation of tissues, accelerates their recovery.Zinc accelerates the division of skin cells, has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects, "dries" the inflammatory elements.The gel is applied in a thin layer to clean skin two times a day.Similarly, you can use Baziron, too, in the form of a gel.When eruptions of acne and blackheads Skinoren gel is very effective, and in skin dryness or contraction skinoren used as a cream.The most affordable option salitsilovo- zinc paste, it has anti-inflammatory properties and dehumidified.

Dermatologists use retinol acne when the treatment is unacceptable in other ways.This treatment is carried out individually and in cold weather, when there is little sun (risk of hyperpigmentation).In the presence of scars after acne treatment gel is applied mederma possessing anti-inflammatory, regenerating, stimulating collagen formation property.Mederma Gel for acne does not apply, it is a means for the treatment of scars, besides it is not cheap.If inflammation are mild, you can buy the cream-gel for acne any cosmetic line, which you use for daily care.

The most common mistake is the use of tonal resources of acne, they cause great harm to the skin, clog pores, and this provokes more lesions.The exception is with masking pencils and anti-drying effect.These funds are not for treatment, and for use in cases where you need to look good, regardless of the acne, for their concealment.If you do not you can not powder, then use loose powder light colors, it dries the skin slightly.But we should remember that before each re-application of powder must first clean the skin with cosmetic tissue to remove the contamination.

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