Prevention of osteoporosis is available to all

Osteoporosis - a disease associated with a decrease in mass and bone density leading to fractures and deformity.The disease is dangerous its consequences.

Osteoporosis - a disease associated with a decrease in mass and bone density leading to fractures and deformity.The disease is dangerous its consequences.The now brittle bones are easily exposed fractures in the spine, radius and tibia, shoulder and hip.Especially dangerous hip fracture: more than half of patients become disabled and a third die from its complications.Fractures in osteoporosis coalesce slowly, greatly aggravates the disease.The patients are bedridden and can not care for themselves.

Osteoporosis is characterized by pain in the back, often in the thoracic and lumbar spine.First they are located, and later extended to the entire back and limbs.The disease is formed gradually over 10-15 years, and shows no symptoms themselves, often masquerading as osteochondrosis and other diseases.Then, with a slight fall of fracture it happens, and

the person learns about osteoporosis.In this step requires a complex and long-term treatment.

currently known factors that increase the risk of osteoporosis.These include existing rheumatoid arthritis disease, lupus erythematosus, hyperthyroidism, chronic renal failure, malabsorption;the presence of relatives of osteoporosis and hip fractures, vertebral and forearm;long term administration of drugs that can cause osteoporosis (corticosteroids, anticonvulsants, heparin, levothyroxine);frail physique, early menopause, light skin, a sedentary lifestyle;smoking, excessive alcohol and caffeine intake.

Preventing Osteoporosis

prevention of osteoporosis begins with eliminating these factors from your life.About the state of health, including the bones need to take care of from a young age.The sooner we are able to get rid of the risk factors for osteoporosis, so long as it does not appear at all, or it will not.Treatment of the spine and treatment of joints include complexes of therapeutic exercises, which are not only beneficial to the painful lesions, but also to restore the skeleton flexibility and overall body tone.

Sometimes enough to learn the way of life, to understand why a person has back pain: lack of exercise, alcohol, smoking and poor diet lead to a weakening of the bone.Need daily morning exercise and regular exercise by walking, jogging, cycling, tennis, or other types of outdoor exercises.Experience the joy of movement and well-being would never trade it for questionable entertainment.

prevent osteoporosis help foods rich in calcium and minerals: non-fat milk, yogurt, cheese, dried fish with bones, the juice of citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds.For the absorption of calcium is needed vitamin D, so it is important to frequently visit the street (vitamin D produced in the skin upon exposure to sunlight).A large number of vitamin D found in liver and egg yolks.

If hypovitaminosis take pharmaceutical vitamin-mineral complexes.Furthermore, for the prevention of osteoporosis is prescribed estrogens and androgens to women in menopause men.All seniors are advised to observe the everyday safety: give up the heels, slick soles, carrying heavy bags, remove passages with electrical wire, extra items, use a cane when walking lost stability.

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