The symptoms of herpes in women

Symptoms of herpes in women are the same as in men, just for women Statistics him more susceptible.The most common herpes simplex virus II and hsv I antigenic type, two-thirds of them are infected population.

Herpes simplex type 1 is localized mainly in the "above the waist", most often on the lips and in the mouth, nose and nostrils, around the eyes and under the eyelids.Herpes type 2 genital called because it is sexually transmitted, and manifests itself in the genital area.In addition, herpes type 2 causes herpes zoster.

Herpes on the oral mucosa occurs as stomatitis, bubbles appear singly or in groups, quickly spread over the entire oral cavity.After 2-3 days, the bubbles burst, forming painful sores, mucous membranes of the mouth turn red and swell.Eating is difficult.When herpetic stomatitis mouth rinse decoction of chamomile, sage or antiseptic aqueous solutions, then apply the cream or aciclovir Gerpferon.

frequent cold sores on the lips can be moved inside the mucous mouth and vice versa.Pic

ture relapse "cold" on the lips can be easily recognized: there are bubbles in a watery red border of the lips or near the skin underneath becomes red and swells.Further, in place of bubbles formed crusts that heal within 7-12 days, sometimes leaving scars and pigmented patches.The frequency of relapses of herpes on the lips helps reduce Fenistil Pentsivir.This cream quickly heals blisters and prevents the formation of scars.

Sometimes there are herpes lesions on the breast is one of the places of its localization.The problem occurs when the herpes affects the nipple or peripapillary drive in lactating women, as this can not be fed breast.In this case, feed the healthy breast and affected by herpes decant.Mom must be careful not to infect the baby.Before serving, and after medical procedures should be more carefully wash their hands, isolate sick breasts from contact with the skin of the child, and even more can not be given into his mouth.

is not to say that men are happily escaped the fate of this match herpes.For unknown reasons, the herpes virus-infected males rarely relapses occur, ie, painful blisters on the skin or mucous membranes, genital herpes they also may be asymptomatic.However, this does not mean that they are not infectious!Science has proven that the herpes virus can be contagious periods regardless of the cutaneous manifestations.

Therefore, if a husband herpes taken seriously for his treatment and refrain from close contact at a time.Herpes on the face can be treated only with ointments (if there are no major and frequent eruptions), and genital herpes zoster or treat and external means, and taking antiviral drugs in tablets (Lavomax, Valtrex, Famvir).It is recommended to take a complex of vitamins A, E, C and zinc, eliminate alcohol, coffee and cigarettes.

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