Prevention of nail fungus

best remedy for nail fungus - is prevention.Basic rules for nail fungus prevention are simple and accessible to everyone.

If your feet sweat a lot - using means of sweating of the feet, the benefit of their great number (for example, powder Galmanin or "5 days" in the form of a powder, cream or lotion).Try to wear "breathable" shoes for the season, no one has ever let your shoes and do not use someone else's.When buying shoes, never to measure it on bare feet, wear socks or sledok.Change your socks, stockings and pantyhose every day.Wash your feet daily with soap and water and wipe dry.Do not wear shoes for a long time, all day, take a change of footwear for work, to the sauna, to visit.Regularly take care of the feet and nails skin, removes dead skin, corns and calluses, nails properly shave, cut away any of their thickening.From prevention to use the anti-fungal ointment for a few days after a pedicure or manicure, visit public places and contact with potentially infected objects.The reward you for y

our concern is the health and beauty of your legs.

A concern is that!It is known that the treatment of nail fungus - not cheap and a long and sometimes difficult and futile.Many of the lucky ones cured of fungal nail hand and foot, left disappointed after the appearance of nail fungus, have lost their original appearance.In addition, the fungus becomes the founder of many health problems, because it emits toxic substances in the course of their life.Nail fungus can be a source of infection to other areas of the skin and nails, as well as internal organs.

stipulated that recent, "fresh" infection fungal infection is treated easily and quickly, it is necessary only to lubricate the antifungal ointment washed with soap and legs a few days to two weeks.Usually, the fungus settles on the skin first, and then shifts to the nails.The initial stage of fungal infection goes unnoticed, may only bother light peeling skin side portions of the foot or interdigital folds and itching.Further, if left untreated, will be visually noticeable, it looks like nail fungus.The affected nails become dull, opaque, changing their color-it can be whitish, yellow, gray, brown or even black.Gradually nail plate thickening, then crumble and collapse.When walking, the affected nails cause pain.The appearance of the nail becomes very unattractive, which in itself reduces the quality of human life, because the symptoms of fungal toenails are evident to others, they produce a feeling of revulsion.

Modern antifungals for topical treatment is very effective in diseases not started.For example, Batrafen discharged in the form of a cream, solution, powder and polish formulation broad spectrum antifungal activity.The cream is applied to the affected area twice a day and leave to dry completely.The course of treatment for two weeks.Batrafen solution used for the surface treatment of the affected 2-3 times a day (before application of the cream).After the disappearance of treating the symptoms continue for more two weeks.The varnish is applied to the cleaned and treated with a solution of 1 Batrafen nails once a week (long).Such a treatment regimen requires ingestion of other antifungal agents, and after the treatment of any Batrafen dosage forms can be used as a prophylactic agent against reinfection.

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