Prevention of dermatitis

dermatitis prevention lies in the origins of the disease, depending on the nature and extent of symptoms.Consider the prevention of atopic dermatitis.

Atopic dermatitis (atopic dermatitis) is the next stage in the development of atopic dermatitis and differs from it by a chronic relapsing course.Atopic dermatitis has a clear seasonality of exacerbations during the cold season, and partial or complete remission (the decline of the disease) in the summer.Manifested skin rashes and itching, sometimes painful, the skin becomes white with a grayish tinge.The disease is often associated with allergic rhinitis, asthma, hay fever.

treatment and prevention of dermatitis begins with removal of provoking factors, hypoallergenic diet and regulation of the chair.The diet should be restricted sweets, salinity and smoked products.It is useful to arrange fasting days.At the first signs of exacerbation or its extinction effective physiotherapy (phototherapy, ultraviolet irradiation), reflexology and local products (lo

tions, paraffin baths), spa treatments (hydrogen sulfide, radon baths), the treatment climate.The most effective results on the stability of long-term climatotherapy when the patient for a long time, for 2-3 years, is located in a warm climate zone, for example, in the Crimea.Prevention of atopic dermatitis should start immediately after treatment of acute and long pass.Since the basis of the changed nature of the disease is the reactivity of the body, paying special attention to psychotherapy, social adaptation and professional orientation.

clinical picture is determined by the age of the patient, so the prevention of atopic dermatitis in children should begin with prenatal period.It involves careful management of pregnancy and childbirth, diet nursing mother and the newborn, preventive medication (Zaditen).If the skin of the child in need of proper care, the skin of the child with atopy needs it doubly sure to use moisturizing hypoallergenic means.In this children's cosmetics should be marked "dry atopic skin."Adequate hygienic care and diet baby are totally dependent on their parents and are the key to baby's skin health in the future.

prevention of seborrheic dermatitis is defined by its kind: oily, dry or mixed.As with other forms of dermatitis, you need to start prevention with elimination of precipitating factors: errors in the diet, poor personal hygiene, nervous disorders, physical exhaustion, and others.Particular and continued attention should be given to rational nutrition, delisting food allergens (citrus, honey, all products with flavorings).Exclude household allergens is also necessary, especially wool animal and bird feathers, house dust.The third "whale" appropriate preventive skin care.When seborrheic dermatitis fatty acid-and anti-inflammatory creams and masks, soothing lotions.Here is an example, and soothing lotion tightens pores, which is easy to do yourself: 1 mL pharmacy tincture of mint mixed with 100 ml of double-boiled cooled water and shake.Wipe face after cleansing or masks.Store in the refrigerator door.When dry seborrheic dermatitis using a neutral cleaning agents, oily, moisturizing and soothing masks and creams, lotions neutral.

skin is the mirror of health, almost all diseases, one way or another, reflected on her condition.Therefore, if proper care does not provide beautiful skin is best to seek professional help.

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