Preparations for the treatment of acne

approach to acne treatment should be complex and depends on the severity of acne.

If the mild form of the disease used topical treatment cosmetics, then the flow of medium gravity necessary to apply general pharmacological treatment.The patient should be surveyed to appoint a rational treatment.Treatment usually includes receiving vitamin preparations, normalizing power, proper skin care.A good effect is given treatments with medicinal plants preparations marshmallow, chamomile, calendula, aloe, sage.

But in severe pustular acne treatment process is necessary antibiotics.Assign broad-spectrum antibiotics, which are sensitive microorganisms that cause inflammation and suppuration.Antibiotics JUnidoks, tetracycline or oletetrin take a course of 10 days.JUnidoks preferable, because reception is 2 times a day rather than three, the new technology allows the production of its less damage the intestinal flora.Externally applied formulation comprising an antibiotic is Zener, effective and appropriate any ski

n.Sometimes prescribed ointments with antibiotics: erythromycin, tetracycline, linkomitsinovuyu.

In severe forms of the disease (phlegmonous and acne conglobata) held a hormonal acne treatment in the form of creams, masks, taking the pills.Hormone treatment can be carried out not for everyone, it is contraindicated in diseases of the liver and the gastrointestinal tract during pregnancy and gynecological diseases.Hormonal mask or cream applied to the affected skin lesions after rubbing lotion degreasing.An hour later, the cream is removed with a cotton swab and dry the skin powdered talc.Treatment of hormonal agents should be conducted under the supervision of a physician, courses, as they have an impact on the entire body and can lead to other problems.Furthermore, they have side effects.Women may be disrupted monthly cycle, and men appear breast tenderness.After treatment with hormones, these side effects go away.Unfortunately, without such treatment sometimes do not get along.

After healing of large piled (konglobatnye) or phlegmonous acne often left scars and keloids.Treatment of acne scars after carried out by several methods, depending on the complexity of the situation.For small scars spend exfoliating treatments: microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser.For grinding scars are more suitable laser and chemical peels.After peeling treatment, the skin becomes clean, pink and smooth.As a result of the removal from the skin surface keratinized scales, the effect of medicinal and cosmetic products is increasing.Peeling is done on already purified in the usual way skin.Peeling quite traumatic, so we should be conducted by trained individuals.

In recent years, widespread method of treating acne with liquid nitrogen (Cryomassage).This is a very powerful performance procedure.Strong short-term cold exposure causes a sharp spasm of blood vessels, and then sustained their expansion.This effect provides better blood supply to tissues and accelerate metabolism, thereby improving nutrition and skin regeneration.Cryomassage also promotes peeling of the surface layers of the epidermis and the birth of healthy young cells that have successfully heals scars, but softer than other methods.But the acne treatment with nitrogen is not a panacea, with very pronounced scars only surgical treatment.

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