The causes of pain in the back of a child

Often, parents are faced with the fact that back pain in children.This phenomenon frightens them and deprives the rest.Causes of back pain in a child varied, but most of them are not dangerous and are functional.

Causes of back pain in child

Often, parents are faced with the fact that back pain in children.This phenomenon frightens them and deprives the rest.Causes of back pain in a child varied, but most of them are not dangerous and are functional.Therefore, we should calmly and carefully analyze the situation, to observe the child, to determine the presence of other symptoms or a sequence of pain.Of course, if the pain is severe or traumatic nature of the urgent need to apply to the medical institution.

Causes of back pain in child

most common problem in children - the spine fatigue.Children are very mobile, subject to extreme movements and sharp falls.Carrying heavy bags and backpacks with textbooks also helps stretch the back muscles, is addictive to improper posture and rise to pain.Many h

ours sitting at a computer in a hunched posture accelerates the curvature of the spine.Slack back pain can occur from too soft mattress, where the children sleep.Children who are overweight suffer from back pain due to the increased load on the spine.

Analyzing the reasons, it is important to note the usefulness of nutrition, adequate intake of calcium and vitamins for growth and normal functioning of the skeleton.Currently osteoporosis in children ceased to be extremely rare.Severe viral and neoplastic diseases of the spine in children are rare, their symptoms are similar to those in adults.

The presence of inflammatory diseases of the muscles and the spine may indicate the child's complaints of back pain in the morning, going after physical activity, restriction of movements, pain radiating into the leg, weakness and slow muscle development (thinness) feet.Especially should alerted limp or unusual gait child, smoothing curves of the back, or vice versa, over a slouch.

sometimes a sharp pain in the neck and shoulders of the child occurs after suffering stress.Among the reflected pain include back pain associated with internal diseases.It is particularly important to assess the associated symptoms.For example, in diseases of the bowel back pain are frequent, whether or colitis dysbacteriosis.Typically, these pains are associated with impaired stool, impaired digestion and nutrition.

inflammation of the kidneys or bladder may also be accompanied by pain in the lower back at the children.This may be a frequent or painful urination, change in urine color, fever.The girls - teenagers are having pain during menstruation or in front of them.Often children who are suffering flu, complain of back pain and aching joints.To back these conditions are not dangerous.

Parents should guard situation where the child has a sore back and abdomen at the same time.If these pains are persistent or severe, you must show the child's doctor or call an ambulance to exclude acute appendicitis or promptly proceed to its treatment.The pain of appendicitis can be localized around the navel, or masquerade as stomach pain.Children become restless and cry with much pain.It can raise the temperature to 38-39 degrees.

child can not objectively assess their condition and take measures - a natural task of parents.And doctors will help restore the health of the child.

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