Enteritis : examination, treatment and prevention

enteritis - an inflammation of the small intestine, often combined with inflammation of the stomach and / or colon.

The clinical course distinguish between acute and chronic enteritis.

The main types of survey enteritis

addition to general clinical analyzes enteritis is usually carried out:

  • microscopy (coprogram) and bacteriological examination of feces;
  • duodenal intubation;
  • ultrasound of the abdomen;
  • endoscopy (sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy);
  • x-ray (barium suspension passage through the intestines, etc.).


main treatment goals:

  • removal from the body of the patient pathogen enteritis and toxins;
  • struggle with intoxication and vascular insufficiency;
  • normalization of intestinal microflora;
  • recovery processes of digestion;
  • prevention of complications.

Appointed strict bed rest and the corresponding state of the patient's diet (Table 4b №4-4a-by Pevzner) to the completion of the number of lost fluids and minerals.Especially useful

drinking milk beverages fortified with b

ifidobacteria and lactobacilli (destination same principles as in the treatment of dysbacteriosis).Antibiotic therapy is usually combined with antifungal drugs to prevent the development of candidiasis.

To normalize the digestive processes use enzyme replacement therapy and the use of activated charcoal, herbal medicine and the appropriate medication to reduce flatulence.Also, during the entire period of the disease as needed for symptomatic therapy prescription.

treatment during convalescence

During this period, always designate a mechanically and chemically gentle diet.Food should be boiled, mashed and steamed.The amount of protein must be increased to 150 g and carbohydrate - is limited to 300 g (mainly due to products rich in dietary fiber and starch).

Restriction subject to raw vegetables, fruit, beans, grapes, prunes, soft drinks, kvass, etc.

For a long time prohibited the use of whole milk (cream), since in many cases it is the main cause of the next exacerbation of chronic enteritis, but the use of dairy products may be fortified with bifidus and lactobacillus, acidophilus yogurt, etc.It is also prohibited the use of fatty meats, sausages, pickles, sweet pies, cakes with cream, bread from wheat flour.

for normalization of intestinal microflora is recommended continued use of prebiotics and probiotics.

For the general recovery of the body during the period of stable remission showing spa, balneotherapy, phytotherapy, reflexology, osteopathy, physical therapy.

Preventing chronic enteritis is aimed at preventing the occurrence of factors that cause the disease development.The importance of hygiene has power, rational and balanced diet, with the exception of alcoholic drinks, nicotine, fighting infection.

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